Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Eau de Parfum Review

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Eau de Parfum

Victoria’s Secret has FINALLY released Love Spell as an Eau De Parfum. Yes, you read that right, Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Perfume! I can’t believe it. I died a little bit when I saw this sitting on a display at my local store and was just about ready to stock up on ten bottles less it disappear suddenly.

Can you believe it?

I absolutely adore the Love Spell fragrance. Although it contains notes of cherry blossom and juicy peach one would never know. It’s just one of those fragrances that you can never really pick any one note from it. It’s one of thee ultimate sweet fruity floral blends around and has such a gorgeous little twang to it.

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Perfume

They have the fragrance available in a body mist already and of course, an EDT but I can’t say that the EDT has ever had a stronger staying power than the mist itself with my body chemistry. This is one reason I was excited about an EDP because maybe, just maybe it would have longevity.

And indeed, it does! This has excellent staying powder and a strong linger! Absolutely love this formulation!

If you’re a fan of Love Spell I’d say you NEED it.

It feels like I’ve been waiting my entire life for Love Spell to be introduced in a perfume formula.

Muse Approved.

Available not at Victoria’s Secret.

Any Love Spell fans out there?

Do share!


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by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 5/14/13 10:10 Sara:

    WHOOT! I have the little bottle of EDT and I’ve been in love with this scent since high school (aka 10 years ago). I might have to get this at some point since I agree about the staying power of the EDT. It’s not great.


    • 5/14/13 10:13 the Muse:

      Sara, DITTO! Since at least high school or maybe even earlier than that haha ;-D yeah, the EDT seems to have the same weak staying power as the mist.


  • 5/14/13 12:38 lil’eve:

    My favorite fragrance!!!! I also love the mango one for work and pure seduction. But how strong is the perfume? I like to spray everywhere on my clothes and don’t wanna drown out the air.


  • 5/14/13 17:25 Cindy Ramirez:

    This is the one fragrance I’ve worn and men have properly identified it. I’m thrilled they made this into an actual perfume! Yaaaay!


    • 5/15/13 9:36 the Muse:

      AGREED! men seem to always know Love Spell ;D!


  • 5/15/13 8:41 Debster:

    WOOT! This is the only scent I LOVE from VS!!! It smells so different on everyone and I adore it. <3


  • 5/15/13 12:39 Carrie:

    I just went & picked this up as soon as I saw your post. It turns out that it’s definitely limited edition!!! Oh, how many more to buy???


    • 5/15/13 12:53 the Muse:

      sadness! I need to use that 7 for $35 deal and just get it all in this fragrance 😀


  • 5/15/13 23:36 Lena:

    What 7 for $35 deal?! And how much is this now?! Oh my I’m just so excited! Thanks for letting us know!


    • 5/16/13 9:51 the Muse:

      don’t quote me lena it’s 6 for $30 and one free or maybe 5 for $30 and one free. Either way it’s a good deal 😀


  • 5/15/13 23:49 Trina:

    Oh man! the bottle is adorable and I almost want to get it just for that reason. I just dont really care much for love spell, my favorite is amber romance!


  • 5/16/13 11:12 Carrie:

    The parfum was $35 by itself. It’s only available in 1 size, limited edition. Definitely not part of the cheaper deal or I would’ve bought multiples!


    • 5/16/13 11:24 the Muse:

      sorry, I was talking about the body line collection not this perfume.


  • 5/18/13 1:09 Paloma:

    aaaaaawesome! I’ve got a large lotion and a couple of small lotions….been dying to get a perfume!


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