100% Percent Pure Vitamin C Serum Launches

vitamin c serum

100% Percent Pure Vitamin C Serum is a new stable and potent form of Vitamin C that the brand recently launched on their website. This has a formula that promises to stimulate collagen production while brightening skin tone and encourages cellular turnover.


Wonder if it works?

Staple Vitamin C seems like a rarity in the skincare world particularly because of packaging defaults. 100% Percent Pure Vitamin C Serum ($35) comes in a pump style bottle and promises all the brightening aspects you’d want from a Vitamin C Treatment. Although I must say that Vitamin C tends to work much like Arbutin in the fact you have to be very patience with it in order to see the results.

I generally like 100% Pure products but I always feel rather pressured to finish them as many have a six month expiration. I’d be curious to see how long this Vitamin C would remain stable for.

This could be added to my wish list shortly.


How do you brighten up your dull skin?

Do share!

Available now at www.100percentpure.com

  • 6/27/13 19:38 Icequeen81:

    I wonder too, but I doubt it, cause it loose their vitamins after being bottled.


  • 6/28/13 5:02 Joyce Ho:

    I wonder if it’s really 100%, i thought it would be quite hard to get to that concentration…I tried the one with 25% vitamin C for 1.5 months…not really any changes… $35 for a bottle like this is actually quite cheap…also, may be it would work better with derma rolling? Please help us review it :))


    • 6/28/13 9:17 the Muse:

      100% Percent Pure is actually the brand name not the actual content of Vitamin C :)


      • 6/28/13 10:12 joyce ho:

        Hahaha I actually realised it afterwards but I didn’t know how to change it to make myself a bit less silly LOL


        • 6/28/13 10:23 the Muse:

          lol it’s ok! ;-D totally understandable with a name like that :D!


  • 6/29/13 3:23 Shadia L.:

    Holy hell! The ingredients in this look fabulous–as does the packaging! Must…buy…!!!!!1!


  • 6/29/13 12:12 Candy Coated Cashmere:

    Don’t feel pressure to use the bottle so quickly. Purchase some Vitamin C capsules from your local health food store. Break one open and apply to your skin when needed.


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