Avon Extra Lasting Concealer Review & Swatches

Avon Extra Lasting Concealer

I decided to give Avon Extra Lasting Concealer a try earlier this month since it was on sale. Hey, $4.99 concealer seemed a tempting morsel. Extra Lasting Concealer is typically $9 but Avon has had it on sale for a fiver the last month or so. This comes in 7 shades and claims 18 hours of concealing wear.

I typically don’t have a ton of issues with my concealer fading. Blame it on my drier eyes but my concealer tends to stay put once applied and very rarely fades away so I’m unsure if I really need a formula that lasts eighteen hours because if I wanted it too my current concealer can go a full 24.


Anything to try a new concealer I say!

Avon Extra Lasting Concealer comes with a sponge tip applicator for application and a standard 0.28 oz gloss style tube packaging. I hauled two shades one of which was light and the medium as I wasn’t sure how light or dark these were ran so I thought it was a good idea to just grab two shades and I could mix if I had too.

Turns out Medium was a good pick for me as Light was a little too pale. These seem to run lighter and not darker for your reference.

They have a drier yet creamy formula that blends fairly easily on prepped eyes. Chances are you going to dislike it a whole lot if you don’t take time to prep and prime prior to application especially if you have drier eyes. I suggest a rich eye cream followed up with a primer of sort prior to application for the best finish under drier eyes. On prepped eyes it applied quite well for me and provided sheer to medium coverage. I have a little darkness, fine lines, and some puffiness under my eyes and this did a fairly good job concealing those problems and creating a flawless finish under my eyes. I didn’t try it on my face as I don’t typically use concealer on my face but under my eyes it applied and blended easily.

Avon Extra Lasting Concealer Medium


Avon Extra Lasting Concealer Light


Avon Extra Lasting Concealer Swatches

Light and Medium

It has a semi-matte finish that oily lids will likely enjoy as although creamy it is a touch on the drier side. This means it provides a decent grip on oily areas and won’t slip and slide around. I didn’t have a problem with creasing or fading and it lasts a good eight hours under my eyes with some minor creasing at around hour nine. This was running around both in and out of doors in a cooler and warmer environment.

Overall, Avon Extra Lasting Concealer is a fairly nice budget friendly concealer that should conceal a host of problems. It does require a little prepping before hand but applies, blends, and wears very well. I wouldn’t pay the retail price of $9 in all honesty as I’d rather put that towards a higher end concealer but at $4.99 it is well worth trying out.

It’s available now at Avon.


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