Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss Review & Swatches

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss

I loved Guerlain Gloss d’Enfer Maxi Shine when I tried it earlier this Spring but Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss is topping my HG (holy grail) list at the moment and I’m urging you to try these out as soon as possible.

I think you’ll love them as much as I do!

Take a look!

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Lipgloss

I probably can’t afford to buy every single one of the Giorgio Armani Glash Lacquer Crystal Shine Glosses ($29) but I’ll have fun trying out all the shades (and buying a few more of these babies) my next Armani counter trip. These come in over 30 shades! Talk about variety.

Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss is a new generation lipgloss for the brand that has a high reflection finish that catches light and gives the gloss incredible shine and color intensity.

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss Swatches

Pink, Rouge, Plum

This formula is positively dreamy! It has a highly glossy formula with a perfectly smooth appearance that has a slight shimmer and a beautiful true to tube color. The gloss was created to hold to your lips without migrating around your mouth so it molds to the shape of your lips and stays put. It has a weightless feel which wears comfortably for a good solid four hour without eating or drinking. The formula is thinner so I expected it to wear away might fast. It also lacks a sticky, tacky texture which I commonly associate with longer wear glosses but it seriously needs no aid in this direction as it holds on strong for a long wear that’s very comfortably while maintaining it’s color and glossiness. The longer sponge applicator has a flexible head and saturates well with color so you can build the gloss easily onto lips. They do not have a fragrance or a flavor.

Giorgio Armani #400 Rouge Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss #400 Rouge

#400 Rouge

Giorgio Armani #526 Pink Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss #526 Pink

#526 Pink

Giorgio Armani #600 Plum Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss #600 Plum

#600 Plum

They are absolutely a splurge item but well worth every single penny! The jelly-like formula and texture of the gloss is a joy to apply and wear. The weightless feel and beautifully glossy finish give lips a very beautiful pouty appearance. This is one high end gloss that’s very well worth splurging on!

Love these.

You NEED at least one in your life.

Muse Approved.

Available at Armani counters as well as online at

Love to hear your thoughts if you tried these!



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  • 6/6/13 21:48 Jane:

    Oh sorry! I just scrolled down to see the Korres review. *Smacks forehead with palm*


    • 6/7/13 10:20 the Muse:

      ha no worries ;-D


  • 6/6/13 22:08 Nadia:

    Great review! I bought one of these and i absolutely LOVE it as well! So comfortable and glossy. I paid over 40 canadian $ with taxes so i am fighting the urge to get more lol


    • 6/7/13 10:16 the Muse:

      ugh canadian prices hurt girl!


  • 6/7/13 0:12 Hajy:

    i loved the pink one so natural and cute <3 thnx for the review dear <3


    • 6/7/13 10:16 the Muse:

      you’re most welcome :) <3!


  • 6/7/13 9:34 Kimmwc03:

    I’ve been wanting these for a little while. I was debating which color to get. Does anyone know if 519 is a nice pink?


  • 6/7/13 10:21 Sarah S.:

    Wowza. Usually a gloss is a gloss but these look so super-lovely in your face shots <3


    • 6/7/13 10:25 the Muse:

      aw thanks sarah!


  • 6/7/13 10:32 Ashley:

    NNNNNNnnnnnggggg. It took me 5 hours to convince myself yesterday that I didn’t need to get 7 of the la creme lipsticks from Too Faced but now I’m going to the whole day to convince myself that I don’t need another lip gloss.


    • 6/7/13 10:33 the Muse:

      oh god la cremes are so damn good!


      • 6/7/13 10:34 Ashley:

        I know! I was looking at your swatches yesterday and wanted them all. My bank account reminded me why I didn’t absolutely need them.


  • 6/7/13 10:59 JenJ:

    I like all 3 *head palm*


  • 6/7/13 12:57 AnniLau:

    The plum is gorgeous, but I start getting queasy around $20 where lip gloss is concerned.


    • 6/7/13 13:16 the Muse:

      lol agreed…I’m ok with $20-$22 range and I find myself cringing a little !


  • 6/7/13 12:59 Stacy:

    Muse, you look beautiful in all colors, especially the ROUGE!!! Love Love Love that color on you!! Thank you, as always, for your excellent reviews!!!


    • 6/7/13 13:16 the Muse:

      aw thanks stacy you’re too kind :) thank YOU! <3!


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