Lululun (Blue) High Moisture Facial Sheet Mask Review

Lululun (Blue) High Moisture Facial Sheet Mask

I’ve already reviewed one of the Lululun Facial Sheet Masks I got from Japan recently. It was a rather awful experience all around. Ugh. These are possibly the worst masks I’ve come across outside of the Kose’s Clear Turn Sheet Masks.

I was HOPEFUL that the LuluLunHigh Moisture Mask would turn out to be a better pick.

Maybe it was?

Yeah, that hope was crushed quickly.

God, these are awful. They are getting such hype in Japan at the moment and I can’t help but scratch my head and wonder why! These in come in a ziploc baggie with seven masks inside. Already this was a bad beginning for me…! I prefer boxes of masks that are individually wrapped as I do not relish the idea of removing ALL seven masks and peeling one off. First off my hands all the masks and placing them back in the bag can’t be good and secondly, as soon as they are exposed to air you’re already destroying some of the benefits of the skincare.

Lululun (Blue) High Moisture Facial Mask

My second issue is with the POOR, poor fit of the masks. They tear easily and have a thinner cotton fiber that fits very wrong. The fit for the mouth is huge and wraps around my lower jaw rather than around my mouth. The holes for the eyes are located on my cheeks and the mask just feels like it doesn’t follow the natural contour of my face at all! It’s a very bad fit. You have to be careful during application and when wearing the mask as it rips very easily.

Lululun Face Mask Translucent Light

The masks are saturated quite well with essence and in this case the formula is supposed to provide moisture so that was a good thing. But since the mask doesn’t fit well getting that moisture around the skin of your face provides difficult. After wearing the mask for about 20 minutes I get fed up and just tossed it.

Honestly, I have six more to get through but they might just end up in the rubbish bin. That’s how awful these are.

You are missing nothing here!

I give the Lululun Facial Sheet Masks a HUGE thumb down.

Don’t buy them.

You’ll be quite sorry if you do I think!

Tried ’em?

Share your experience!


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  • 7/9/13 21:53 Katie:

    I just bought a pack of these from my local japanese cosmetics store. Haven’t tried them yet but the package was pink, so not sure what type that is… hope they’re ok. Maybe I’ll use it like a serum if the mask is bad.

    They were the only kind I could find that definitely said fragrance free. Have you tried any other ones that were fragrance free? I think the only other one that I could confirm didn’t have fragrance was from juju aquamoist.

    All the beauty diary masks seem to have fragrance. :(


  • 7/10/13 6:17 Jaykee:

    owch :(


  • 7/10/13 11:54 Iris:

    I don’t like the idea of peeling the masques apart from each other to separate them either. What a hassle. Disappointing, indeed.


  • 7/10/13 12:30 lil’eve:

    i dont mean to be insulting but they look like Kose pit wipes in the shape of a face. They tear easily and they do not do what they say


  • 7/11/13 1:29 Annie:

    that doesnt sound fun.. i think the rave review might have to do with the weather there?


    • 7/11/13 7:30 the Muse:

      hi annie hmmm the weather? the fit is really poor, the mask tears quite badly, there isn’t much moisture in something called a “high moisture” mask…how does the weather effect all this? curious :)


  • 7/13/13 18:48 jazmin:

    have you tried the leaders clinic masks ….I heard they are very good and that the sheet feels like second skin ??? And where do you buy your facial masks?? and which are really good?? thank you


  • 7/17/13 13:19 Well:

    Firstly, these masks were designed for the Japanese market, and asian facial structures are very different from that of caucasians. As a result, the shape of the mask and positioning of the holes is catered to the generic asian face, so it’s unfair to expect it to fit western faces. However, I too have tried them and I will say they are shorter lengthwise and wider compared to other Japanese masks.
    Secondly, the Lululun series was made for everyday usage instead of occasional once/twice a week usage, so they’re meant to be taken off after about 15 minutes or less, and that would also explain the lower quality mask fabric and mass-packaging (full size is about 30~45 sheets per pack- the 7 sheet pack is a trial version). The skimping on fabric and packaging is what makes it affordable and less luxurious for daily use.


    • 7/17/13 13:36 the Muse:

      sorry Well I have to disagree, these are awful all around…I’ve tried a ton of masks from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan and these are by far the worst masks I’ve tried. Lower quality is an understatement. Even for daily use they are absolutely horrid.


  • 7/26/13 2:31 Sakura:

    well I am an addict to this mask, I think there are pretty cool for the price, for this price obiously you are not going to get individual mask so I think you are too negative on it. and you said after have it for 20 minutes you just put it off because not enought moisture product…the mask has to be on your face only for 15 minutes it is enough…
    I think your post is not giving an idea of this product. do you had red stuffs after using it??? or troubles skin ===
    it doesnt rip easily , I recommand those masks , there are great for the price, no mineral oil no fragrance what is the problem ???
    for everyday use it is ok, I also put them on the afternoon and my skin love it!


  • 11/10/13 7:38 Aya:

    In response to what another poster said above about how these sheet masks are designed to fit an Asian’s face… I’m Japanese and these fit horribly. It also doesn’t help that it’s SO thin that it stretches and distorts just by unfolding it.

    I think the reason why it’s so popular here in Japan is the affordability factor (I think the 50 packs go for ~Y1500 [$15]). It also has super cute packaging that makes it stand out from the other sheet masks.


    • 11/11/13 12:18 the Muse:

      aya I had the same issues just an awful awful mask all around!


  • 7/26/15 8:27 Gigi:

    These mask are awesome! I got the large size that comes in a tissue like box. Although I’m not crazy about the packaging it has grown on me since I’ve been using them. I keep mine in the fridge so it gives a nice cooling effect and sticks better. I like that they are fragrance free and I feel like they give my skin a kiss of radiance when used in the morning. I sorry you didn’t like them but for someone curious about Lululun reading this comment, give it a chance you won’t be sorry.


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