Mally Beauty High Shine Lip Treats Available on QVC

Mally Beauty High Shine Lip Treats
Mally has her upcoming QVC Today’s Special Value to get excited about this weekend! So I set my Tivo to record as I’ll be away but lord knows I can’t miss Mally’s presentation to see what sort of deals she’ll be featuring all weekend long.

Recently, I blogged about the new Mally Evercolor Lip Lacquer and obviously Mally is a role with lipglosses as she has a new High Shine Lip Treats Lipgloss Set I really want to get my grubby hands on.

Take a look!

The Mally Beauty 5 Piece High Shine Lip Treats ($35) is a five piece selection of five full size High Shine Lip Treats Lipgloss. These promise both vivid and sheerer shades with a tasty flavor and a mirror-like finish!


  • High Shine Lip Treats in Cherry Bomb
  • High Shine Lip Treats in Gum Drop
  • High Shine Lip Treats in Peach Fizz
  • High Shine Lip Treats in Passion Fruit
  • High Shine Lip Treats in Candied Berry

From my understanding each gloss tastes of its namesake! I dunno why but that totally tickles me!

Do want these.

They are available now at


  • 7/3/13 11:34 Ashley:

    I’m craving a long lasting lip color. Any suggestions?


    • 7/3/13 11:34 the Muse:

      perhaps MUFE’s aqua rouge?


      • 7/3/13 11:38 Ashley:

        Yes ma’am! Since I got tomorrow off, time to do some Sephora stalking. :) Happy holidays~


        • 7/3/13 11:58 the Muse:

          yay have fun! Happy Holiday!


  • 7/4/13 7:48 JenJ:

    I saw the pic that Mally posted in Instagram of these. Color me curious 😀 Mally already got me with the TSV. Trying to be good. I should avoid all her shows tomorrow but of course I’m not…HA


  • 7/5/13 13:26 Teasha:

    I bought these, the high shine lip treats. I’m a sucker for lip products especially tinted flavored gloss. Some flavored glosses are pretty disgusting, and some are really yummy. I’m hoping these are yummy. I love Mally glosses, especially the ‘original’ high shine glosses, which don’t taste all that good IMO. Excited to try a flavored version. I couldn’t pass these up. I loved how they looked in the presentation, Very glass-like, with decent pigmentation for a gloss, and everyone said they tasted good. Exactly what I want in a gloss. I also like that only one seems to have shimmer. I could see myself using every color in the set too.


    • 7/8/13 15:18 the Muse:

      update me teasha curious whatcha think chica ;-D


      • 7/10/13 16:04 Teasha:

        I just got Mally’s high shine lip treats in the mail. First impression, the tubes are a little small, but there are 5. The applicator is a rubbery tip, probably silicone, very flexible. Applicator is a little small, but applies the product evenly. The colors are really sheer, cherry bomb and sweet berry show up best. Not near the pigmentation of her original high shine lip shines. These are probably better for people looking for very sheer gloss, or someone looking for a glass-like finish to top lipsticks, with a little flavor. Finish is beautiful. Texture, this is tough, people that like feather light lip products will find these heavy, but people that are used to sticky and heavy will find these smooth and light. Scent varies by color, I wish the colors had a scent description on the box, so I’m not guessing with every time I wear one. Flavor is fruity, like the scent, but not sweet like philosophy lip shines. I will give my best guess at flavors. Peach fizz the bright coral is mango…maybe. Gumdrop the bright cool pink is coconut. I heard on the show that passionfruit the pink nude is strawberry, but it doesn’t remind me of strawberry. Sweet berry looks dark in the tube, but its a nice medium, not too red, not too purple, not too dark berry that is raspberry flavored. Last cherry bomb a neutral bright cherry red that I cannot pinpoint the scent, maybe fruit punch. I like them, but they are very very sheer.


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