Because Damien Molony Really Should Be The Next Doctor

Today I discovered the Damien Molony forum. God, the Interwebz is such a weird and wonderful world. I quickly joined up to say the least and discovered this fabulous article about how he should be the next Doctor.

I completely disagree, he always be Hal to me, but I love the idea that the fandom thinks there should be a marriage of BH and DW.

Must read for Damien fans!


  • 8/29/13 9:59 Jessica:

    i agree with you – he’s Hal. wonderful and wicked Hal. i’m still recovering from the finale and can’t quite accept that BH is over. it did take me a while to warm up to the new trio but i fell in love with Alex, Tom and Hal just as i had with George, Annie and Mitchell. *le sigh*


    • 8/29/13 10:15 the Muse:

      I must admit when they axed Mitchell my world ended…and than George too? Life was over. I was thinking that this was the recreation of the wheel! How could the show go on!? But the bro-romance that developed between Hal and Tom was just incredible! They had such great chemistry and Alex is pretty awesome too! I wasn’t ready for it to be over. I wanted more! 😀 damn shame it is gone for good!


  • 8/29/13 16:15 Ruth:

    I just marathoned the last season a few nights ago and am traumatized that it’s over. the final foe was pretty good and it did go out with a fantastic bang. I have to admit, i had terrible time understanding tom and had to watch it with the closed captions on =S when hal was on the blood, he was fantastically evil and was such a great pleasure to see both sides of him.
    to get my BH fix, i’ll just watch the syfy version of it because the plot did deviate from the original and was entertaining as well.


    • 9/9/13 9:39 the Muse:

      you get used to Michael’s accent after a while :) I swear! BH US isn’t nearly as good but it’s fun none the less 😀


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