Diorshow Flash Corrector Pen Review

Dior Show Flash Corrector

How many times have I nearly poked an eye out with an eyeliner or mascara wand? How many times have I blinked before my mascara set and ended up with a mess on my lower lash lines? How many times have I tried to create the perfect cat eye but extended the line to my ear?

Mistakes happen. Put a brush, eyeliner, mascara, or blush in my hand and a mess and a few mistakes are bound to happen which is why the DiorShow Flash Corrector Pen is a handy little tool to have around.

It isn’t cheap but for cleaning up my messes the Diorshow Flash Corrector Pen is worth its $25 bucks for the amount jams its gotten me out of. I can’t tell you many times its saved me.

Diorshow Flash Corrector Pen

Diorshow Flash Corrector

This is a simple pen with a dense tip that swipes away makeup mistakes in a flash plus it contains three extra erasing pods housed in the bottom barrel of the pen so when one wears down you have another you can pop right in. The tip is lightly saturated with a gentle makeup remover that easily swipes away mascara messes, eyeliner mistakes, or lipstick, gloss, and stains that may feather, bleed, or migrate around your lip line. You name the mistake ahd the Diorshow Flash Corrector will clean it up for you without ruining the rest of your makeup!

Thank god for pens like this because I’d probably give up on makeup application completely without ’em!

I’m that klutzy.

Available now at Dior counters.

How do you clean up your makeup messes?

  • 8/21/13 10:44 Lisa:

    I’ve never used a pen, but Josh McCollier recommends the E.L.F. pen that’s similar to this and at a price point of 2.99, so I think I’d try that first.

    I am impressed that they have multiple tips though, so I guess if you were always on the go/travelling this would be a better option.


  • 8/21/13 10:51 Kimmwc03:

    I usually just dip a cotton swab in some remover but I am sure this is more handy.


  • 8/21/13 14:58 Bowiegrrl:

    So technically it would be like 4 elf pens in one so thats roughly $12 vs $25. Either way this is a great invention for eyeliner mistakes. At least with Dior you can save your receipt for rewards points.


  • 8/21/13 18:06 jenn f:

    cotton swab for me :)


  • 8/23/13 10:30 Kathy:

    I have a similar pen by Revlon. It works great!


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