Laura Geller Color Drenched Lipgloss Review & Swatches

Laura Geller Color Drenched Lipgloss

I’m not a cream lipstick fan but Laura Geller Color Drenched Lipgloss combines the best of the gloss world with the best of the pigment of the lipstick world into one product that’s hard not to love.

Take a peek!

I got hooked on Laura Geller Color Drenched Lipgloss when I got a few shades with the Laura Geller Fresh Brewed Beauty Set I got from QVC.

Laura Geller Color Drenched Lipgloss Perked Up Pink

Laura Geller Color Drenched Lipgloss Swatches

Perked Up Pink

Color Drenched Lip Gloss has a faint coffee, toffee taste and feels like it might be a little hard to pull off at first application. The product is called a lipstick but I’d say it could be defined as being more of a liquid lipstick due to the incredible pigmentation of the product. The formula quite reminds me of Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Lip Color as it has the same thick, creamy texture and intense color pay off. This is a thicker consistency but it wears quite comfortably on my lips without migrating around my mouth. The creamy texture also doesn’t have the dryness I commonly associate with liquid lipsticks and has a high shine finish. The wear time is around four hours without eating or drinking and in that time it remains as intense as first application. The pigmentation is something to rave about here! It’s incredibly opaque with full color pay off on a single stroke!

Laura Geller Color Drenched Lipgloss FOTD

If you’re a fond fan of highly pigmented lipstick products I’d suggest these! They deliver color, shine, and glossiness in a liquid lipstick-like formula.

Anyone try ’em?

Do share your experience!


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  • 8/15/13 20:44 Daniela:

    Sounds lovely..are they similar at all to the Mirenesse lip bombs?


    • 8/16/13 9:18 the Muse:

      not at all daniela, vastly diff glosses :)


  • 8/15/13 20:52 jenn f:

    wwow pigment. there seems to be a lot of these lip laquers coming out recently.


  • 8/22/13 23:49 Karena:

    I absolutely love these!! I am excited to try the new shade “Berry Buzz.”


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