Pur Minerals Rescue Squad DD Creme for Fall 2013

Pur Minerals Rescue Squad DD Creme

More DD Creams on the horizon kids the next one being the new Pur Minerals Rescue Squad DD Creme. Outside of Julep’s new DD Cream and Philosophy who covers all bases with their A-Z Cream, Pur Minerals pegs the market for one of the first DD Creams releases.

I imagine come Spring we’ll see more DD Creams but right now it’s slim pickings as the beauty world focuses more on CC Creams.

Let’s take a look at Pur Minerals Rescue Squad DD Creme and see what’s up for offer.

Pur Minerals Rescue Squad DD Creme ($35) is apparently available in a single shade and promises intense hydrating with essential SPF 25 and a powerful infusion of peptides. Amino acids as well as sodium PCA and naturally derived Cohesium seal in moisture for a dewy finish as anti-aging ingridents such as Matrixyl Synthe’6 and Eperua falcate bark extract treat inflammation for a firm, younger looking skin.

Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

But more of a moisturizer than a coverage product as there is no mention of tint?

But we shall see!

It’s available now at both Ulta.com and Ulta.

I want to check it out!


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  • 8/12/13 11:51 K.B.:

    I’m laughing (loudly) harder at this than I should be, but that might be because of it being Monday (gross!), me being overcaffeinated (did I mention it’s Monday?), and the absurdity of a “DD” cream. I get that companies all want to be special snowflakes, but where will they stop? ZZ cream? (Waiting for the Kardashians to come out with KK cream…)


    • 8/12/13 13:16 amy:

      I’m guessing it’s because every, single Western brand has been (IMO, unfairly) criticized for coming out with their own, easily accessible version of what they call a “BB Cream”, they have to come up with a new name. I personally really like the few that I’ve tried, accept them for what they *are*, and appreciate the fact they aren’t filled with parabens in a mineral oil base, as are so many of the “real” ones. Maybe the coverage is “lacking”, but the benefits that are provided more than make up for that. Perhaps if people just accepted products for what they are, instead of criticizing them for not being what they want them to be, we wouldn’t have the entire alphabet being covered by what is essentially the same product.

      That said, I can just imagine the Kardashian’s sitting around, waiting for the K’s to come around. They probably have the packaging/product already, waiting to go!


    • 8/12/13 23:11 Nat:

      I think I’ll be laughing the hardest once we get to “PP” cream, lolz! 😀


  • 8/12/13 18:56 Kimryan8:

    Seriously? What in the hell is a DD cream? Why do we need all these?


  • 8/13/13 16:41 It’s Gamayun:

    Last time I was at Sally’s Beauty Supply I saw that GiGi, their house brand of leg waxing supplies, has a “GG Cream” (after-epilation treatment). It made me giggle.


  • 8/15/13 22:12 jenn f:

    yup… its starting! the DD creams. marcelle came out with one too but im not sure you guys can get it State-side


  • 8/18/13 16:28 Heather:

    I understand it seems silly but if you dig deeper it stands for “Dailey Defense” and offers a UVA & UVB sunscreen with an SPF of 20 and has great clinicals. I have been using it and LOVE the texture and how my skin feels. I do notice a brightening effect.

    DD Cream lovers UNITE! Lol…



  • 9/25/13 16:40 Venus:

    I work at Ulta and got this as gratis, although it is called a DD cream, it’s nothing like a BB or CC cream, there isn’t a tint to it or anything (it’s a white cream). It’s essentially just a moisturizer, but I love it! It’s good for oily skin!


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