Sale: $10-$14 for Blushing Cheeks from Tarte

Tarte Blush

Love blush? Tarte’s Maracuja Cheek Tint is $10 at today! Or grab yourself select shades of Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush for $14 (Shades on sale: Flush, Tickled, and Passion) or check out Sheer Passion Maracuja Hydrating Cheek Tint for $14.

This blush sale is ON now at


  • 8/27/13 20:08 Celine:

    What about in stores?


    • 8/28/13 6:49 the Muse:

      no word of the sale in store celine but maybe check your local shop and see.


  • 8/28/13 18:38 O:

    Are these products being discontinued? I’m just assuming because they are on sale. I love Sheer Passion cheek tint.


  • 8/28/13 21:11 Kimberly Teague:

    So good news I managed to put all 3 blushes that were on sale into my cart…bad news by the time I checked out passion was gone. :( I would have sacrificed Flush but, it didn’t some to that. When Tarte was on hautelook I tried refreshing the page every 5 minutes lol (I have a slight Tarte blush problem) and never managed to grab the shades I needed. At least Flush and Tickled will be added to my collection.

    I CANNOT wait to see what Tarte does for holiday sets this year!


    • 8/29/13 9:25 the Muse:

      YAY! Sorry you missed out on passion kimberly :( keep checking back maybe they’ll restock!?


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