Topshop Sheer Lipstick for Fall 2013

Topshop Sheer Lipstick

TopShop Sheer Lipstick if you want you can come home with me tonight. We’ll have dinner, catch up on a little Teen Wolf, and have romantic time together after.

That is if you aren’t too busy and don’t mind my cooking, I burn boiling water after all.

If not I’ll head over to Nordstrom or my nearest Topshop store and pick you up and force you home with me because I must have you for my very own.

Topshop’s new Sheer Lipsticks are available in two shades, Lolly, and Swirl, each offering a moisturizing hint of tint for lips!

Ouch on the $16 price tag for a sheer lippie but knowing Topshop they’ll be wonderful!

Do want.

  • 8/22/13 16:01 OliviaFrescura:

    I really like topshop’s lipstick so I will have to swatch these!


  • 8/22/13 21:33 mindy:



  • 8/26/13 13:51 mindy:

    Muse, you know I’m kidding right? (thats my NY sense of humor)


    • 8/26/13 14:06 the Muse:

      there can be sex as well as dinner and teen wolf (that’s my ny sense of humor) hehe ;D


      • 8/26/13 14:06 the Muse:

        although might be more than three of us ;-D so that qualifies as an orgy!


        • 8/26/13 14:09 mindy:

          now I’m offended, I’m not enuff for you?


          • 8/26/13 14:10 the Muse:

            mmmmmmm…I dunno, I’m kinda insatiable…one is never enough ;-D

  • 8/26/13 14:14 mindy:

    it’s quality not quantity, and I’m pooped thinkin about it! nap time lol have a divine day….and evening


    • 8/26/13 14:50 the Muse:

      something like that ;-D god take me with you! I SO need a nap too! Jetlag! ;-D you as well Mindy thanks for making me smile today!


      • 8/26/13 17:29 mindy:

        ditto….u r very velcome


        • 8/27/13 9:07 the Muse:



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