Bare Minerals Kiss & Tell Marvelous Moxie Lipstick Set for Holiday 2013

Bare Minerals Kiss & Tell Marvelous Moxie

Loving Marvelous Moxie Lipstick? Me too! So the Bare Minerals Kiss & Tell Marvelous Moxie Lipstick Set is for you my dears as it marries the greatness of Marvelous Moxie Lipstick but puts it into a few different shades in mini form so you can get more variety.

Take a peek!

The Bare Minerals Kiss & Tell Marvelous Moxie Lipstick Set ($29) is one of several new sets you’ll see from Bare Minerals as we head deeper into the Holiday season. And no, it obviously isn’t too early to chat Holiday considering K-mart and quite a few other stores already have Christmas/Holiday commercials. Guys, come on, I wanna enjoy the Fall for a bit.

This set includes the following shades:

  • Break Away (mauve)
  • Speak Your Mind (blushing pink)
  • Be Bold (crimson berry)
  • Go All Out (neon pink)
  • Get Ready (warm, rose pink)

It’s available now at Nordstrom and and should start popping up at other retailers shortly.

Btw freaking way JRM is going to be Dracula. Just slay me. I may lick my TV screen shortly! How’d they sober him up long enough to play the part is my question…boyfriend loves getting his drink on if gossip serves correctly 😀

  • 9/17/13 12:10 Sweta:

    Wow..this is awesum…i just got speak your mind and totally love it..this is at such a good price point…surely getting this :)Thanks!


  • 9/17/13 12:42 Denise:

    People just need to be aware how tiny these mini lipsticks are. Not saying they are a bad deal when you get 5 for $29, but the advertising for them is not mentioning that they are not full sized. The labeling on my box is very hard to read, but it looks like they are .005 oz each; full size is 0.12.


    • 9/17/13 12:43 Denise:

      I meant to type that they are half sized, at 0.06 oz each. Sorry!


    • 9/17/13 17:56 Katie:

      They’re way less than half-sized! They’re seriously tiny!


  • 9/17/13 16:04 Sara:

    Oh how I love JRM! I’m a tad obsessed with the Tudors and he’s so brilliantly insane in that show. I’m also smitten with Natalie Dormer (aka Anne Boleyn aka Margaery Tyrell in GoT and apparently now Cressida in Hunger Games… ahhh!!!!)


    • 9/17/13 16:13 the Muse:

      LOVED the tudors 😀 I am too, she’s absolutely stunnnninggggg was happy to hear about her joining Hunger Games!


  • 9/17/13 16:17 diane:

    this one is on my wishlist! the colors look wonderful =)


  • 9/17/13 20:58 Fancyprance:

    I picked these up during the preview weekend. They are indeed tiny. About half the size of the regular Moxies. Go All Out is definitely neon, a little too bright for my taste. The rest are very wearable, and overall I am happy with the set.


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