Dior Mystic Magnetics Magnetic Nail Lacquer & Magnet Swatches

Dior Mystic Magnetics Magnetic Nail Lacquer & Magnet 6

The new Dior Mystic Magnetics Magnetic Nail Lacquer & Magnet ($26) popped across my desk recently. This is a set that includes Dior Vernis Nail Polish in 802 as well as a magnet to create a magical, mystical nail look for Fall.

Have a look!

Dior Mystic Magnetics Magnetic Nail Lacquer & Magnet

I tested this on a nail sample and adore the color! The metallic grayish blue reminds me of a stormy ocean. The set includes the single nail polish as well as a magnet which gives the final nail look a smoky waved effect. I’ve never used magnetic nail polish before so it was a little challenging for me and my swatches didn’t quite come out as nicely as I liked.

This is where I point you to the experts. The Manicurator, Victoria, created a killer nail look with the 802 shade which you can view here.

Dior Mystic Magnetics Vernis 802 Swatches

I’m actually a dork and couldn’t hold the magnet steady so it kept brushing against the wet polish. To use the set all you have to do is paint your nail (note nail as you want to do one nail at a time) and hold the magnet steady and close to the wet polish. Let the magnet do the work! The magnets in the polish will be gentle waved across your nails creating a gradient design that goes from darker sea gray blue to lighter. It’s a wicked effect and fun to watch! But patience is key!

Dior Mystic Magnetics Magnetic Nail Lacquer & Magnet 4

Dior Mystic Magnetics Magnetic Nail Lacquer & Magnet 5

The set is $24 and available at all Dior counters or online at Dior.com

What do you think?

Love magnetic polish?

Anyone try this set from Dior?

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  • 9/18/13 13:37 Quinctia:

    I love the look of magnetic polish, but it tends to chip like crazy on me. I wouldn’t pay Dior prices for it, even if it stayed on, unless the polish was more interesting than that.

    The most interesting shade of magnetic polish I have ever seen was from Sinful Colors, and I even bought it from “better” brands, because it was a long time after I heard about it that any line brought any out.


  • 9/18/13 14:07 Kimmwc03:

    I never cared much for magnetic polishes. I can never keep my hand steady enough and I end up ruining the polish or the design looks wonky.


  • 9/19/13 9:57 Ashley:

    This is so pretty!!Never been one for extra work with a magnet. I’d probably just paint my nails this pretty color and the magnet would never get used.


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