Soho Beauty Cruella de Vil Makeup Bag Review

Soho Beauty Cruella de Vil Makeup Bag

I thought you might like a closer look of the Soho Beauty Cruella de Vil Makeup Bag ($9.99) that I picked up from Walgreens recently. As you know Soho introduced a variety of Disney Villain Makeup Bags which are launching in stores now for the Fall/Halloween 2013 season.

I picked up a few of these for myself (yeah, like I need another makeup bag! I should have my head examined!) because I thought they were so budget friendly plus I got some for favors too. I have a massive Halloween party every year and I typically do some sort of gift for guests and I thought these bags filled with candy and other goodies would be great to gift to the girl’s who attended the party (the guys are getting Whovian ties this year).

If you have younger tweens/teens in your life or even a friend who adores Halloween you can fill the bag with candy and makeup as a little treat for Halloween. You can even maybe grab the new E.L.F. Cruella de Vill Look Book and tuck it inside the bag as a gift!

Let’s take a look (wait until you see the inside of the bag! cuteness!)

The Soho Beauty Cruella de Vil Makeup Bag is a larger bag with a zipper pull. It features Cruella de Vil in a watercolor like print. I think it’s a rather flattering way to portray Cruella considering her track record with puppies…haha…!

I think the best part of the bag is the inside features a bright red background with black Dalmatians dotting the inside…how freaking cute is that?

Soho Cruella de Vil Makeup Bag

For $9.99 the bag is very high quality plus you they are perfect for travel (but not necessarily daily use) as they will hold a GOOD deal of makeup!

As far as I know the bag is exclusive to Walgreens.

Anyone pick these up yet?

Do share!


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  • 9/19/13 10:28 Tammy:

    I saw these at my walgreens, but didn’t even bother to look at the print inside!!! I must return for a peek at the others.


  • 9/19/13 13:37 Mandi:

    My store hasn’t been as forthcoming with seasonal make up and the likes so I didn’t think I’d find these there but I did! I didn’t think I needed any more makeup bags (especially with a new Ipsy one every month) but if all the insides have some cool pattern going on that is a big plus to buy one!


  • 9/19/13 17:38 Maggie:

    Oh the lining inside is SOOO cute! I’ve always liked Cruella’s look–until I remember what she does with puppies. Then I just shudder.


  • 9/19/13 19:00 Sarah:

    Just picked up the Evil Queen makeup bag for my friend’s birthday next week. She is a disney freak and makeup junkie and we will be spending her birthday at Disneyland so these showed up just in time!


    • 9/20/13 14:57 the Muse:



  • 9/23/13 0:50 lora:

    does anyone know what section in walgreens they would be? i live in Cali and coudnt find them anymore in the store!!!


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