Bath & Body Works Liplicious Holiday 2013 Collection

Bath Body Works Holiday 2013 Liplicious

Let’s do this (because we haven’t done it in a while)! What am I talking about? Bath & Body Works Liplicious Holiday 2013 Collection! It’s been a while since my evil disease of collecting every single Liplicious Lipgloss on the planet has reared its ugly head but it’s the Holidays (and I have a 40% off coupon burning a hole in my inbox) so a few maybe like one or ten new glosses won’t kill me right?

Bath Body Works Liplicious Holiday 2013 Collection

Bath Body Works Liplicious Holiday 2013

Bath Body Works Holiday Liplicious

Bath & Body Works Sugar Crystals Liplicious
Spun sugar flavor.

Bath & Body Works Raspberry Bling Liplicious
Crushed raspberry flavor.

Bath & Body Works Minty Cocoa Liplicious
Neutral mocha fades into shimmery nude with a delectable minty chocolate flavor

Bath & Body Works Berry Spritzer Liplicious
Berry pink fades into iridescent pink with an effervescent berry flavor.

Bath & Body Works Candy Apple Liplicious
Candied apple flavor.

Bath & Body Works Cranberry Twinkle Liplicious
Bright & merry cranberry flavor.

Bath & Body Works Merry Marshmallow Liplicious
Creamy, puffed marshmallow flavor.

Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint Liplicious
Wintry peppermint flavor.

Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Liplicious
Vanilla cookie flavor.

Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint Liplicious
Eucalyptus spearmint flavor.

Bath & Body Works Ginger Appletini Liplicious
Shimmery bronze fades into glistening gold with a refreshing apple & ginger flavor.

These are available now at as well as in stores!

Happy Haul-a-days!

  • 10/30/13 23:24 Amanda:

    I want the marshmallow one! It sounds delicious and the packaging is adorable. Man, am I a sucker for packaging.


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