Laura Geller Holiday 2013 Gift Sets

Laura Geller Holiday 2013

Laura Geller Holiday 2013 Gift Sets are starting to pop up online and they’ll be an incredible baked palette that comes out nearer to the Holidays that I’ll be telling you about shortly but for now check out some of these great sets from Laura Geller.

Laura Geller Sweet Kisses $15
A set that includes two tinted lip balms and a smoothing sugar scrub to keep lips soft and supple!

Laura Geller Sweet Kisses


  • So Rosy (pink)
  • So Sassy (red)

Laura Geller I-Care Waterproof Eyeliners Collection $25

  • Eggplant
  • Evergreen
  • Gunmetal
  • Ocean
  • Black Diamond

Laura Geller I-Care Waterproof Eyeliners Collection

Laura Geller Beauty So Scrumptious Baked Collection $59

  • Spackle Tinted Under Make-Up Primer in Champagne
  • Balance-n-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation in Medium
  • Blush-n-Highlight Baked Cheek Color & Highlighter in Spiced Chai/French Vanilla
  • Baked Eye Stripes in Cinnamon Strudel
  • Color Drenched Lip Gloss in Sugar Cookie
  • Double-Ended Blush & Highlighter Applicator

Laura Geller Beauty So Scrumptious Baked Collection

These sets are available now at Ulta and

Anything you love?

  • 10/3/13 21:56 elizabeth previte:

    It would be nice if the Lauara Geller gift sets could offer the Balance-N-Brighten in a variety of colors. I’m a porcelain, not a medium. :(


    • 10/4/13 13:58 the Muse:

      qvc is the best bet elizabeth as you can choose the shade in the kit


  • 10/3/13 22:18 Koki:

    Hi! Ive been following you for a reaaaaalllllllllllllyyy long time now and this is my first comment here EVER because I have to know, how long are these sets going to last? Thanks for your amazing reviews, I couldn’t last without them!


    • 10/3/13 22:24 Koki:

      oh and will you be reviewing these? I really want to try the so scrumptious one it looks totaly amazing!


      • 10/4/13 13:58 the Muse:

        hope to have it shortly up koki!


    • 10/3/13 22:25 the Muse:

      well thanks koki! 😀 a realllllllllllllllllllllllly long time is good hehe :) it really depends..some holiday sets sell out faster than others…some go on sale after the holidays and sell out quick….I’d say at best you have until the first week of January to get these particular sets however, more popular brands you might find sell out faster. It’s really hard to say what will and won’t sell out quick and what will or won’t be available after the holidays are over. ya never know what’s going to be popular :)


  • 10/4/13 1:17 Natalye:

    the Beauty So Scrumptious Baked Collection looks really nice!


  • 10/4/13 9:30 kellly:

    I like the look of that grown shadow trio in the Baked collection but I’m not big on having to buy an entire box of stuff just to get one or two things I like. I can NOT get my head around buying a product to put on my face called “Spackle”, either. I associate that word with the ickiness of “laying your makeup on with a trowel”. Why they would choose the word “spackle” for face makeup is totally beyond me. It might actually be a good product, I just can’t deal with the name of it at all. Just sayin’…


    • 10/4/13 11:02 Ashley:

      you know, I had the same issue. spackle is a terrible name!


  • 10/4/13 9:31 kellly:

    oops! BROWN shadow trio, not grown! I saw it the second I hit the submit button!


  • 10/4/13 12:27 Merc:

    Do you know if the products in the so scrumptious set are full sized? So many good holiday sets I can’t decide which ones I want!!


    • 10/4/13 12:44 the Muse:

      all full size merc hope this helps :)


  • 11/17/13 10:45 jay:

    A couple of times you’ve said you’ve “fully reviewed” the Laura Geller Balance n’ Brighten Foundation/powder but I have searched and searched and cannot find the review anywhere. Please can you provide a link to it??? The nearest review is the “baked to go…” and that’s one of the places you refer to a full review but there’s no clue as to where it is.. I’ve searched several different names (laura geller powder, laura geller foundation, laura geller balance-n-brighten) but no review anywhere. Thank you….


  • 1/2/14 12:22 Kimmy:

    Hey guys I got the so scrumptious set for Christmas, I’ve only used a few Laura geller products before but I must say I’m THRILLED with this set! I never want to use anything else again! The spackle kept my makeup on all day and made my face looks fresh and glowing, it has a bit of sparkle in it! I’m obsessed with everything in the set – highly recommend it!


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