Laura Mercier Les Petits Bonbons Luxurious Baked Eye Colour Palette

Laura Mercier Les Petits Bonbons Luxurious Baked Eye Colour Palette

One day money will be no object and I can haul stuff like the Laura Mercier Les Petits Bonbons Luxurious Baked Eye Colour Palette ($250) a swoon worthy, limited edition selection of Laura Mercier’s Baked Eyeshadows in an array of colors for the Holiday season!

The Laura Mercier Les Petits Bonbons Luxurious Baked Eye Colour Palette is a treasure chest of eyeshadows in matte, demi-matte, shimmer, and high shimmer shades that comes in a brown lacquered wood box with a tortoise closure and full size mirror.

Shades include:

  • Crystal
  • Shale
  • Slate
  • Graphite
  • Galaxy
  • Asphalt
  • Cloud
  • Bluebell
  • Marine
  • Malachite
  • Nightfall
  • Cobalt
  • Plush
  • Soft Amethyst
  • Lilac
  • Plum
  • Exotic Violet
  • Royal Purple
  • Quartz
  • Moonbeam
  • Smoky Topaz
  • Bronze Opal
  • Copper
  • Sienna
  • Mint
  • Peridot
  • Ivy
  • Jade
  • Emerald
  • Superno

This set is available now for a limited time at

  • 10/14/13 18:15 Kat:

    OMG!! That is beautiful but $250 umm I don’t think so lol


  • 10/14/13 18:38 crotchfairy:

    These look like those candy dots. I’m hungry. Off to buy ice cream now.


    • 10/15/13 15:52 Majick:

      Not sure how you got your name but it’s pretty funny. ANd, I agree, candy dots.

      I had to laugh because earlier I saw one of those tests on FB – what word do you see first? I saw the letters BLT – and left for lunch. Great minds. LOL


  • 10/15/13 4:37 zang:

    wow, it’s like $10 each and if you buy 25, you get 5 free…nope. not worth it.


  • 10/15/13 6:43 Kaitlyn:

    I saw this weeks ago when searching for something else (on a blog that was not in any language I could understand), and fell in love! Then it came out here and I saw the price in dollars… :'( Unfortunately I didn’t have the foresight to marry for money, so this isn’t happening. 😉


    • 10/15/13 11:19 DebiL:



  • 10/15/13 7:44 K.B.:

    Can someone loan me $250? I’ll pay you back, I promise!


  • 10/15/13 9:16 telle:

    wow…..its a nice case…but i have yet to find that high end baked shadows perform better than non-high end brands (what is your experience, Muse?). I would never pay $250 smackos for this….it looks like a HUGE boxy palette and i have baked shadows to last me past the zombie apocalypse…a definite no for me! lol


  • 10/15/13 14:10 Alexandra:

    $250?! Really?! I’m sure it’s a nice palette and all but that seems absurd to me!


  • 10/15/13 15:49 Majick:

    Well, maybe I’m in the minority but I just LOVE when they price shiz out of my stratosphere – complete no buy for me and I’m not even sad about it.
    $250 is just insane and since I’m in a particularly acid mood right now I’ll go so far as to say I guess that’s what you have to pay these days to get a real mirror in your palette.

    I’m rockin the Anastasia Catwalk palette today and realized the mirror in that puppy distorts so badly I couldn’t even apply mascara with it. ROFLMAO

    Muse, I still love seeing what’s out there and I love that you bring it to us whether we needS it or notS. 😀 Thank you – THank you!


    • 10/15/13 16:12 the Muse:

      thanks majick ;-D I wouldn’t indulge myself but I LOVE covering ALL beauty aspects be they cheap as hell or far too expensive to afford ;-D so glad someone enjoys the same 😀


  • 10/15/13 22:16 Jamie:

    I was just browsing selfridges website for Charlotte Tilsbury’s makeup line, and I saw they have a bunch more Laura Mercier sets on their site! Wonder if we will be getting these. Especially the eye caviar gift set!


  • 10/18/13 23:25 Maureen:

    Or you can get a Laura Geller version for about a quarter of the price!



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