Take a Sephora Beauty Fall Spin & Get 10% Off (Maybe)

sephora beauty fall

Did you take a spin on the Sephora Beauty Fall yet? I did and snagged 10% off my first try! Yay me!

Just enter your e-mail, click tumble, and wherever you land you’ll get 10% off, Free Shipping, or deluxe samples!

They had something similar last year prior to the Sephora Friends and Family event…I’m hearing that the sale is happening mid-October/end of October but I don’t have any confirmed information yet so I’ll update you when that happens for now enjoy the game and I hope you snag a percentage off your next order!

Try it at Sephora.com

Good Luck!

P.S. Who watched Master’s of Sex? I have this week’s episode to watch as I JUST got around to seeing a bit of last week’s episode (I’m 40 minutes in). At first it was boring as hell but it started getting rather awesome quickly! Dr. William Masters reminds me of a geeky version of Mr Darcy…! This show is like Mad Men on crack!


I already loaded up episode two onto my iPad so I can watch it on my way to California tomorrow! Hopefully it isn’t too racy to watch on the plane hehe!

  • 10/8/13 13:10 Annie:

    Hi Muse! I love your reviews, your blog is a staple in my daily reading and a great resource for me before I make purchases- especially with the recent Rihanna collection at MAC. I do have a question for you- do you ever post to reddit or r/makeupaddiction?

    Also I just have to say, Masters of Sex is really fantastic. I can’t believe we’ve waited this long to talk about how we know what we know about sex. It’s almost crazy. Not only that, but what a stellar cast! And the story just keeps getting better. I love shows that complicate our understanding of gender and sexuality- and are sexy to boot!


    • 10/8/13 13:17 the Muse:

      Hi annie thank you so much! that’s very very very flattering to hear. I have an account at reddit under musingsofamuse but I don’t use it much. And I also have my own personal account that I use to post with (non makeup related though), I’ve been a member of reddit for years but typically don’t play much in the makeupaddiction section. Although it tickles me whenever I see incoming traffic from reddit! I love the site, use it daily, and it always flatters me to see incoming traffic from one my fav sites!

      HAPPY to hear it! 😀 I thought it was fab….! It really is fab so far and I look forward to seeing where it goes 😀 the first 10 mins of eppy 1 was a little boring but it started rolling and I couldn’t stop watching…have to finish the last 20 mins or so and start up this week’s episode! :) thanks for your comment!


  • 10/8/13 18:31 Cindy Ramirez:

    If you say it’s like Mad Men on crack, well then I’m going to have to watch this!


  • 10/8/13 21:14 cat:

    I just keep getting samples of things I don’t want. Oh well. In your professional opinion Muse, what do you think they’ll offer in terms of discounts to Beauty Insiders, VIBs, and VIB Rouges?


    • 10/8/13 21:21 the Muse:

      20% off like they do every year at FF, doubt they’ll be anything special…perhaps a longer shop time for VIBS/VIB Rouges but the percentage will be different.


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