Coastal Scents Elite Brush Set Bamboo Collection Review

coastal scents elite brush set

If you like Ecotools might I bring your attention to the Coastal Scents Elite Brush Set Bamboo Collection ($69.95)? I feel like an art student after playing with this set! It seriously has every single brush you could possibly want and some more!

The value works to as little as $2.91 per a brush! How insane is that? And the brushes are amazing as well!

Yeah, this one gets a Muse Approval.

coastal scents elite brush bamboo set bamboo

The Coastal Scents Elite Brush Set contains 24 full size synthetic brushes with bamboo handles and a black brush case to store them all in!

You get:

  • Elite Flat Buffer
  • Elite Tapered Powder
  • Elite Powder
  • Elite Angled Blush
  • Elite Flat Multipurpose
  • Elite Foundation
  • Elite Large Shadow
  • Elite Pointed Precision
  • Elite Doefoot Blender
  • Elite Fan
  • Elite Flat Tipped Shadow
  • Elite Dome Shadow
  • Elite Pointed Blender
  • Elite Blender
  • Elite Concealer
  • Elite Angled Shadow
  • Elite Flat Liner
  • Elite Brow
  • Elite Detail Pointed
  • Elite Small Shadow
  • Elite Fine Liner
  • Elite Liner
  • Elite Detail Mini
  • Elite Angled Liner

coastal scents elite brush set collection

coastal scents elite brush set bamboo collection

This is a really extensive collection of brushes so if your own brush collection is sadly lacking this is an excellent way to get a variety of brushes to use on your eyes, cheeks, and face. I typically dislike synthetic brushes but these are very soft with dense bristles that make application a breeze. I actually washed them three different times because I wanted to see how they’d hold up. Synthetic bristles seem to hate me and anytime I wash them they end up splitting, become less soft, and just get ruined but this set held up well under three separate cleanses.

coastal scents elite brush set bamboo collection 5

coastal scents elite brush set bamboo collection 6

coastal scents elite brush set bamboo collection 7

coastal scents elite brush set bamboo collection 8

coastal scents elite brush set bamboo collection 9

coastal scents elite brush set bamboo collection 11

coastal scents elite brush set bamboo collection 12

coastal scents elite brush set bamboo collection 15

coastal scents elite brush set bamboo collection 16

The bristles are as soft as anything you get from an Ecotools brush and the handles are solid and strong. The eye brushes all have dense bristles for precise application and they do not shed or have a coarse feel on lids.

The brushes are held in a faux leather brush case that has a tri-fold and a small zippered compartment to store smaller makeup items.

This set couldn’t be a better value. I was impressed. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did.

If you’re the type that wants EVERYTHING this is a brush set that brings it. It’ll also make a fabulous gift for makeup lovers. Outside of purchasing a professional set from some place like MAC you’re likely not going to get such an extensive collection of brushes of this quality at this price tag! So do indulge!

Do love!

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  • 11/11/13 18:44 Joice:

    Wow, these DO look amazing! I wish they had such quality sets when I bought my first brushes from them (it’s been 5 years I think!). Though, now that I have plenty of brushes I’m not sure huge sets like this one work well. What if I only like a handful and the rest end up collecting dust?


    • 11/12/13 9:04 the Muse:

      you can always just buy individual ones as Coastal Scents sells each elite brush separately.


  • 11/11/13 20:49 amy:

    I have waaay more than enough brushes, but I think I may need this! I love the fact they are all unoform, and come with a case.


  • 11/11/13 20:58 Dita:

    Oh my gosh I love how they look! It looks like painting brushes! :)


  • 11/12/13 1:35 Daniela:

    This looks awesome! Wonder if I should wait for CyberMonday?


  • 11/12/13 10:20 telle:

    wowee! excellent review, Muse!! I often wonder about coastal scents/bh brushes (did buy a small bh brush set which was okay), so this helps tremendously! i have copious amounts of brushes, but it never hurts to have several of each kind, especially when one or two are drying after a wash….! 😀


    • 11/12/13 10:31 the Muse:

      you’d have more than one or two with this hehe!


  • 11/12/13 12:00 Cj:

    MUSE MUSE MUSE! How is the flat buffer one? I have their non elite one and love it, trying to decide if I need to buy a couple of the new versions lol!

    ALSO!!! Apple quietly released the new mini, order while they’re still available!


    • 11/12/13 13:02 the Muse:

      very nice! I used it with bb cream and it buffs beautifully 😀 I KNOW! I didn’t order yet because I’m undecided if I want a new mini or if I want the air. did you get it?!


      • 11/12/13 13:20 Cj:

        Hell yeah I did lol! As soon as I found out they were for sale I pounced! Ordered a 32gb white AT&T 😉 I can’t wait lol, been noticing my mini has been a bit slow since updating to ios 7. I like the mini better, easy to hold in one hand lol. I need to find a case for it. Something that covers both sides so I can toss it in my bag… Any recs?


        • 11/12/13 15:34 the Muse:

          mmm i didn’t notice slow thankfully but iphone is a battery drain…did a few configs to get it to stop draining battery but since os7 been a nightmare :( all the cases I tried are kinda craptastic I did like the the switch easy which protects both back and front but it doesn’t sit up very well!


          • 11/12/13 15:39 Cj:

            Yeah ios 7 definitely needs to be… Perfected. It kinda feels like they released a beta instead of final version lol

          • 11/12/13 16:34 the Muse:

            agreed hubby agreed!

  • 11/13/13 3:55 Quinctia:

    That’s a great assortment of brush shapes and types. It’s too bad I also have no luck with synthetic bristles. And I like shorter handles when it comes to applying makeup on myself, so an artistry set is unlikely to meet my preferences along those lines, either.

    I bought the best brush the other day…it was a $12 EcoTools bronzer brush, but it was rather big and fluffy and I’m loving it as an all-over powder brush. And I had a 20% coupon when I bought it! 😀


    • 11/13/13 16:08 the Muse:

      NICE ;-D 20 off is always a score imho!


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