Formula X for Sephora The Twenty Two Review & Swatches

Formula X for Sephora The Twenty Two

Chromes, metallics, creams, confettis oh my! The Formula X for Sephora the Twenty Two Set of you guessed it, twenty two mini nail lacquers includes a slew of gorgeous hues in a variety of finishes for all the good nail girls and boys out there this Holiday season!

If you’ve been yearning to try out the newly launched Formula X for Sephora Collection here’s your chance to do so at a value price with a variety of shades and finishes to play with. This set has it all, literally!

I dream about makeup palettes, eyeshadows, and blushes but I realize some of you want to have a color lab that includes every shade of the rainbow in polish at your finger tips and toes. Some of us are makeup girls, some of us skincare, and some of us, well some of us just ADORE polish and the Formula X for Sephora the Twenty Two Set is for those girls and guys that love a good selection of polishes.

Formula X for Sephora The Twenty Two 9

Formula X for Sephora The Twenty Two 5

Formula X for Sephora The Twenty Two 7

Formula X for Sephora The Twenty Two 8

This set jam backs twenty two mini nail lacquers into one set (0.16 oz) and includes a selection of bright neons, chromes, splatter confetti top coats, and cream finishes.

The Twenty Two shades include:

  • Racy (metallic lavender)
  • Rocket Fuel (metallic graphite gray green)
  • Vroom (metallic rose gold)
  • Wham! (white confetti)
  • Infatuated (opaque powder blue)
  • Unmistakable (opaque light jade)
  • Brazen (opaque light pink)
  • Indelible (opaque violet)
  • Thrilling (opaque heather grey)
  • Turbulent (light turquoise and black confetti)
  • Radioactive (electric bright green)
  • Zap (electric limoncello)
  • Haphazard (electric purple)
  • Eureka (opaque hot pink)
  • Omni (opaque beach ball blue)
  • Bionic (light lime green and black confetti)
  • Dark Matter (opaque patent leather black)
  • Extraordinary (opaque blue grey)
  • Flashy (opaque classic red)
  • Need For Speed (metallic silver)
  • White Matter (opaque bright white)
  • Meteoric (black and white confetti with rainbow micro sparkles)

Haphazard Formula X for Sephora


Indelible Formula X for Sephora


Infatuated Formula X for Sephora


Meteoric  Formula X for Sephora


Need for Speed Formula X for Sephora

Need for Speed

Omni Formula X for Sephora


Racy Formula X for Sephora


Radioactive Formula X for Sephora


Rocket Fuel Formula X for Sephora

Rocket Fuel

Thrilling Formula X for Sephora


Turbulent Formula X for Sephora


Unmistakable Formula X for Sephora


Vroom Formula X for Sephora


Wham Formula X for Sephora


White Matter Formula X for Sephora

White Matter

Zap Formula X for Sephora


Bionic Formula X for Sephora


Brazen Formula X for Sephora


Dark Matter Formula X for Sephora

Dark Matter

Eureka Formula X for Sephora


Flashy Formula X for Sephora


My favorite finish here were the chromes….! These produced the best opaque finish with a single application and had a really beautiful liquid metal finish. Some of the creams were disappointing as even after a few layers color was still a bit transulcent and ended up chipping rather quickly as well. The confetti top coats were excellent although a bit repetitive as each had the same style designs (small and large pieces of confetti) just in a different color so they kinda ran together and looked very similar to each other!

Most of the shades I was happy with although some of the creams had a duller finish so a glossy top coat was needed. This is especially true for Haphazard which is such a rich purple in the bottle but applies with a translucent finish after three layers and lacks any shine at all. The formula is a bit inconsistent from shade to shade but about 90% of the collection performed excellent! I just ran across a shade or two that was lacking in most cases it was a cream finish color. But a shade or two would suddenly surprise me like Flashy that only needed a single application for full coverage and a vibrant color pay off….! So it does vary from shade to shade but you might run across three or four shades that are lacking but a majority of the colors were great.

On a whole the Formula X for Sephora the Twenty Two is a WIDE selection of shades for the price! You’re only paying $2.50 per a bottle here! The variety along is worth the price of admission and the set does make an excellent gift. I think it could prove a thrilling set for nail polish fans due to the sheer volume of product here with the wide variety of shades and finishes it just makes for a fun experience!

The set is available now at Sephora and for $55.

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