Guerlain Sulfurous Nail Lacquer Review & Swatches

Guerlain Sulfurous Nail Lacquer

Guerlain Sulfurous Nail Lacquer ($23) is a limited edition shade launched with the Guerlain Holiday 2013 Makeup Collection. This gorgeous dark plum is a sexy little shade with a metallic finish that makes a dramatic statement.

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Guerlain Sulfurous Nail Lacquer one of the first things to take note with with this shade is the fact that it applies with full color on a single application. It’s really excellent pigment on a single application and pops with two layers in place. The second thing I took notice of was the high shine finish! No dullness here! This has a lovely glossy finish with a metallic edge that truly gives it drama.

Guerlain Sulfurous Nail Lacquer swatches

And thirdly and most important the color! This is a dark, deep plump with elements of brown and a slight shimmer with a metallic finish. It applies easily with a gel-like consistency and a wider brush that makes it easy to spread it across nails in a single coat without having to go back and relayer!

It’s easily one of the most unique shades of polish I’ve come across recently and well worth a pick up!

Loves it!

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