Sleek Makeup Garden of Eden i-Divine Palette Coming Soon

Sleek Makeup Garden of Eden i Divine Palette

The first peek at Sleek Makeup’s new Spring 2014 Palette is in the works today kids! The Sleek Makeup Garden of Eden i-Divine Palette is coming soon and it looks stunning!

The Sleek Makeup Garden of Eden i-Divine Palette (£7.99) is a striking mix of shades inspired by Mother Nature with hues of tropical jungle shades, dusky purple, earthy browns, and greens.

Garden of Eden i-Divine features twelve highly pigmented eyeshadows with a velvety smooth texture.

This is exquisite palette will be available in a limited edition snake print packaging and launches on January 15th at drugstores in the UK and online at for US fans.

I’m pretty sure it is going to be my first purchase of 2014!

  • 12/18/13 12:43 Phyrra:

    I like all the greens


  • 12/18/13 13:20 K.B.:

    I know nothing about this brand, but those greens! 😀

    Too bad about that snake packaging, though. ::shudders::


  • 12/18/13 13:30 Sara:

    Count me in! Greens and purples are totally my colors (red hair, green eyes, etc). I just did a mock order and shipping was $1.34 for one i-Divine palette??? NO WAY! How is it that it’s under $2 to get this from the UK, but other companies are charging $8 to ship makeup in the US (hello Urban Decay, are you listening?) I’m picking this up as soon as it goes on sale!


  • 12/18/13 16:44 kimkats:

    I thought you couldn’t order the eyeshadows from sleek to the US? Some sort of FDA regulations or something? If that’s gone by the wayside,immana order me up a storm!! This looks really pretty!


    • 12/19/13 10:13 Isabella Muse:

      i have no idea…..first they did ship them (about a year ago), then the FDA thing happened and no shipping to the US, but now from my understanding they do ship to the US…!


  • 12/19/13 9:54 Majick:

    THis just may be my FIRST Sleek purchase. THose colors are exquisite! I too have red hair right now (it will be strawberry/blonde highlights in May/June) and amber/hazel eyes SOOOOoooooo…

    YUM! Glad to hear that shipping doesn’t cost more than the palette. LOL

    And did I mention that I LOVE Snake print? Snakes are ok but everytime I pick one up I get peed on. THAT IS DISGUSTING… LMAO.


  • 12/19/13 12:17 JeriS:

    I’ve never heard of this brand before but I love these colors! And you can’t beat the price.


  • 12/19/13 12:36 melissa:

    Can’t wait for this! Yay. I really like the 2 i-divines I have and I reach for them a lot.


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