Urban Decay Naked 3 Back in Stock

urban decay naked 3 shadow palette

Naked 3 is back dears! Get it now at www.urbandecay.com just in time for Christmas!


  • 12/2/13 13:45 kim:

    i snatched one up the second UD sent out the email. I can wait for a F&F sale, but my little sister in law wants this so badly. so i will suprise her with it at christmas.


    • 12/2/13 13:50 the Muse:

      aw you’re a great sister kim that will be a lovely gift for her 😀


  • 12/2/13 14:13 Sarah:

    Is there any word on when this will hit Sephora and Ulta? Possibly in time to use the $20 off $50?


    • 12/2/13 14:18 the Muse:

      they said December but no exact date yet.


      • 12/2/13 19:05 Sarah:

        Thank you! They actually posted a little bit ago that it’s December 9th! eeek!


      • 12/3/13 8:40 kellly:

        Yesterday the UD rep I talked to on the phone said Dec 12. Good grief, there are so many release dates, my head is spinnng. I’m actually hoping to know the real date b/c I’m planning to take time off of work to go and get one. How’s that for an addiction!?!?


  • 12/2/13 15:04 Laura:

    I’ve read that sepbora SA’s and ulta SA’s have said December 9th online and December 12th in store. However someone on sephora beauty talk said that sephora inside jcpenney will be releasing them dec 11th at 9:00pm because the stores stay open until 10.


    • 12/2/13 16:56 amy:

      I was told Sephora/JCPenney won’t have them until January (although they physically have them in-stock *now*!). I’m personally over this whole artificially manufactured hype, and after this palette, I’m moving on from Urban Decay, just as I have with MAC. This is a permanent item, with an already established following, so why the trickle-down release…?


      • 12/3/13 8:38 kellly:

        I agree. I don’t understand the limited release when they KNOW it’s going to be the most popular thing around. I’ve heard 4 separate “release dates” for retail locations now. It’s frustrating. I LOVE the pallette colors. This is the first one I’m planning to buy — if I ever have the chance to get one!


      • 12/3/13 9:50 Majick:

        I totally agree Amy.


  • 12/2/13 16:33 Adrienne:

    What is so hilarious about this is that I received an email from UD saying it was back in stock. I clicked the link and it said “sold out” and gave me an option to be notified again when it came back. Oh well. I was able to get their Cyber Monday special with the Book of Shadows 4 with the free lipstick for $25 so at least I got something.


  • 12/2/13 21:26 allyandrita:

    Yeah Urban Decay’s FB page said it will hit stores on 12/9


  • 12/2/13 21:33 Lori:

    I was lucky to get it this time. I had subscribed to the notification email using two different emails and I’m glad I did because it hit one email address at 11am CST and I grabbed it then. It did’t hit the other email address until after 4pm CST and it was already out of stock by then. WHEW!


  • 12/3/13 8:36 kellly:

    By the time I checked my email yesterday afternoon, it was already sold out again. DAMN THEM for creating the most-needed pallette in the known universe!!!


  • 12/3/13 9:48 Majick:

    I just typed about 3 paragraphs and deleted it. Ugh… I’m so disappointed with UD and their,”let’s make everyone scramble and stress” marketing plans. I’m getting older so that LONG wait for it to come back in stock doesn’t take that long anymore.

    They ticked me off so much that when I got the email that it was back in stock? I deleted it. I”m just not going to bother with UDs website anymore. I don’t have any trust that ANYthing worthwhile will be in stock when I want it.


    • 12/3/13 11:29 kellly:

      I haven’t been interested in any of the Nakeds before, but these colors would really work for me and per color, it’s a good deal. It’s just getting to the purchase that’s being such a pain. I don’t know what date for sure it will be in the stores because everybody has something different. I’ve heard Dec 3, 8, 11 and 12 but considering how quickly these are being snapped up, missing it by even half a day will probably mean “we’re all sold out”. What didn’t make ANY sense at all to me was saying it was back in stock when maybe they had – I dunno, a few hundred (thosands?) of them again but they were sold out again by the time I got the email yesterday afternoon. I think this pallette is really beautiful and I’m not alone – everybody and their cousin wants one. Their crazy marketing works for them — it creates insane demand, but for customers trying to get their hands on one without paying a hundred or more on eBay, it sure makes for a frustrating experience. I don’t have a big cosmetics budget so don’t have friends at the stores who can put one aside for me. I work full time and will have to actually go to a store to get one, so knowing the real release date is pretty important to me. I don’t know if Dec 12 is the “sort of” date and if I go they will say “Oh, we put them out yesterday and they’re all gone already”. So frustrating!


  • 12/4/13 13:38 Nubia:

    Naked 1 was great, but Naked 2 was a flop in my opinion, although I do think that this Naked 3 will be a nice palette, its frustrating that everytime you want to purchase one its out of stock. Sephora doesn’t even have it listed yet. I am waiting until next week to purchase, but eventually Sephora, Ulta and UD will carry it.


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