Wen Sweet Almond Peppermint Treatment Oil Review

Wen Sweet Almond Peppermint Treatment Oil

Wen Sweet Almond Peppermint Treatment Oil is made from a blend of Jojoba Seed Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Argan Oil, and others so this one is loaded up with an array of hydrating oils.

Wen Treatment Oil has a huge cult following and considering I love Wen Cleansing Conditioner it seemed the next logical step to try this out.

Take a look!

The fun thing about Wen Treatment Oil is the fact it isn’t just for your hair! You can use it on your body as well or even drop some in your bath for a soothing, hydrating bath! I massage it on my cuticles, elbows, and knees and it isn’t greasy or oily either! It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin hydrated and smelling like sweet almond with hints of lovely fresh mint.

I typically apply it in the evening by massaging into my scalp and rinsing come morning so my hair is soft and super manageable after I rinse it out. It also cuts through frizz in a snap!

It doesn’t build up either as my roots seem to just suck it up while strengthening my hair follicle.

But if I’m honest the nicest way to use it is by dropping five or six drops into a tub of hot water, sinking in, and submerging my head under water for a bit…it not only softens my skin as a soak but also my hair. I rinse off my hair with lukewarm water after my bath and comb through….! My hair is less frizzy, soft, and just feels incredible after my bath.

Wen Treatment Oil

Loves it.

Do check it out.

Available at QVC.com.

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  • 12/17/13 22:44 melissa:

    Thanks for the review. I have to say as the queen of typos myself I appreciate a good one and you put tube instead of tub, and I had quite the giggle imagining miss muse squeezing herself into a tube for a bath.. I imagine some kind of space age pod LOL


    • 12/18/13 9:26 Isabella Muse:

      lol so sorry 😀 me+tired=typos galore 😀


  • 12/18/13 0:14 Andi:

    I saw quite a few Wen products at my local TJMaxx today! May be worth taking a look. I know for sure I saw this!


  • 12/20/13 11:12 Nicole:

    I use WEN Pomegranate Rosemary and Fall Apple Spice Oil currently on my scalp, my hair, my skin, and put a couple droppers full of it into my bath water. I does wonderful things for your scalp, skin, and hair. I will admit, I enjoy the seasonal scented oils more than the original formulas because the scents are more fun in my opinion. I am going to order the Winter Cranberry Mint as soon as Chaz introduces the full size bottle on QVC. These oils are wonderful for Max’s skin and coat as well (Max is a blue point ragdoll kitty :) ). His coat is soft to begin with, but with a little Fall Apple Spice Oil on it, it is just heavenly and to boot he smells amazing too! Just a side note, Max is very partial to the Fall Apple Spice oil because for some odd reason he loves anything that smells like maple syrup or caramel so now he has officially taken over the Fall Apple Spice Oil for himself. :) By the way if you are considering using any of the oils on a kitty just remember that TEA TREE OIL is toxic to thier system so do not use the formula that has it in it on kitties. :)
    The oils do not leave you greasy or slippery; they soak in quickly. You don’t need to use a lot either. A stimulated and healthy scalp promotes healthy hair growth, got to love it! 😀


  • 1/19/14 21:40 Heidi:

    I am not big on wen conditioners. i can not use it exclusive for I love my suds too much but i love the oils. I have the sweet almond mint, pomogranate rosemary, lavender, fall apple spice and the tea tree euculpyus and i do not do the overnight for it strips my color but i mix it in with my leave in conditioners or to scent dry hair.


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