Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment Review & Swatches

Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment 2

Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment
($56) is a new way to enjoy Argan Oil. Launching for Spring 2014 this new formulation of Josie Maran Argan Oil is a milky formulation that delivers the same great benefits as Argan Oil in a lighter consistency.

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Unfortunately Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment is overpriced for what you get. This is a 1 oz size at $56 versus Josie’s original Argan Oil at $48 for 1.7 oz. The thing is you’re getting a more diluted formulation of the pure Argan Oil that Josie sells so I was a little shocked at the size and price difference between the two.

Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment

Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment swatches

Basically you’re looking at a formula of 100% Pure Argan Oil suspended in purified water. The formula is supposed to be just as hydrating as the original Argan Oil but the water gives the product a lighter consistency that absorbs easily. Not that the original formula didn’t absorb easily but one of the nicest things about Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment is you’ll feel quite alright using at as a daily and nightly treatment versus the original formula which isn’t particularly friendly for AM use as it is a bit rich.

I have very dry skin and I have to say this isn’t nearly as good Argan Oil in terms of the hydration it provides. It’s fragrance free and it absorbs instantly into my skin. The texture reminds me of a thick, congealed gel. It feels very luxurious and it does soften skin without leaving a film on my skin. However, Argan Oil is most definitely the more hydrating product of the two formulas. I do like I can use this as a serum of sorts in the morning and following up with my other skin care products and not worry about it being too rich or concentrated. As my friend and reader so kindly pointed out in the comments below, this is actually supposed to be used as layer serum. So this first followed by the original Argan Oil is the proper application process which is suggested on the box. I think this is kinda pointless as really they are the same product just in a different formulation so I don’t really see the point of layering but it seems a necessary evil to get the best moisture for me…!

I think Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment might be a nice pick up for those with oily skin who are afraid of the original formula. However, for those with drier skin who do like the original formula you should stick with it as this version is not anymore hydrating plus it is simply a diluted formula of the original and more expensive!

It’s available now at,, and Sephora stores.

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Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment 1


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  • 1/21/14 17:39 diane:

    i haven’t tried yet- i also wasn’t fond of the price. was watching her present it on qvc and she said you are supposed to layer it under the original oil. not sure why you would layer the same product under each other? i will probably go get a few samples at sephora just to test out and shall report back! =)


    • 1/22/14 14:11 Isabella Muse:

      COULD not agree more what’s the point!?


  • 1/21/14 18:10 Nicole:

    OMG!! I have been waiting for reviews on this product because i also suffer from dry skin!!! Thanks so much for your review!!! I think I’ll wait until they throw this in a TSV or Sephora kit.
    I too thought it was pretty expensive… Thanks again!


    • 1/22/14 14:10 Isabella Muse:

      my pleasure dear :)


  • 1/21/14 18:37 Laura:

    I’m interested in it – since I have oily skin and her original just sits on the top of my skin, never soaks in. Not even her light version


    • 1/22/14 14:08 Isabella Muse:

      you’ll like this laura, def absorbs better!


  • 1/21/14 19:43 Rachel:

    Wow. I was thisclose to purchasing this since I am effectively putting Josie’s kids through college. I am surprised this doesnt hydrate as much as the argan oil but perhaps this will be good for summer?


    • 1/22/14 14:06 Isabella Muse:

      LOL Rachel! yes, def or just for day use because it is very very light!


  • 1/21/14 20:12 Nicole:

    I have been using this serum since 01/09/2014 and am enjoying it! :) I think it is true if you use this alone on oily or combination skin you would not feel oily. The thing I feel is different about this serum is because the oil is being absorbed more quickly into the skin I seem to be getting more visible results from it than the Argan oil alone. I am still putting the light Argan oil over the top, but I am not needing nearly as much to cover my face. My skin just seems to look and feel plumper than with just the Argan oil alone. I am tracking my results over 4 weeks and then making the decision on if I will repurchase or not. It has been 12 days and so far I am liking the results. My skin is sensitive and a bit on the combination side at certain times of the month so this is a good fit for me. :)


    • 1/22/14 14:06 Isabella Muse:

      hey nicole thanks for sharing my dear, always helpful! I agree it does absorb considerably better than the regular argan oil and feels quite nice but my drier skin NEEDS way more moisture than this one supplies :(


      • 1/22/14 15:17 Nicole:

        Oh you are welcome Isabella! I have been thinking about it and this product is really just a serum and I am guessing that is why you would still need the Argan oil or a moisturizer over the top. I am guessing here, but this product is probably more targeted at helping prevent or correct aging since it seems to penetrate into the skin deeper. So I guess I am in no way expecting this to replace my moisturizer, but I do expect to see long term benefits from it.
        I will give it the 4 weeks and see what I think! :)


        • 1/22/14 15:20 Isabella Muse:

          I’m looking forward to your thoughts after four weeks 😀 You could be right!!!!!!!! I def saw it as a before moisturizer type of product but expected it to as deeply hydrating as argan oil! I typically apply argan oil and proceed with moisturizer anyway but I still expected this to be more powerful than the oil for some reason 😀 but I’m def looking forward to how you make out in the weeks ahead! I’m still using myself so we shall see!


          • 5/5/14 15:48 Nicole:

            OK, I know it has been way over 4 weeks, but I have a good reason; I finished the first bottle and bought a second bottle. You would think I would all set to say I recommend it and I am so sorry but I just can’t. 😔 Here is why… This product would really would work for someone who has oily skin and can’t use the light or original argan oil this would be an option for you. I just personally do not see enough of a positive difference in my skin to continue to spend the money on it. I am happy with the light argan oil alone so I am sticking with that. 😊

          • 5/8/14 16:37 Isabella Muse:

            I didn’t really love it either nicole, I need more moisture than this provides!

  • 1/21/14 20:22 Erin:

    I was able to try a sample of this, and really liked it (I have combination skin). However, I was as surprised as you were when I saw the price compared to the normal argan oil, especially since this would seem to be diluted. I would have walked into Sephora immediately and purchased it after trying the sample, but the price made me hold off.


  • 1/22/14 1:12 Angel:

    Thanks for the review Muse! I have to say I was perplexed by this new product. She already released the Light version of her oil, so why this?? And why at such a super high price point IMO. I love Argan oil and use it daily. But these high priced gimmicky Argan products just don’t seem worth it to me. Your review solidifies for me that I don’t need this.


    • 1/22/14 9:36 Isabella Muse:

      that’s what I asked myself when I tried it, there’s already a light version why do we need this too!? It’s very confusing love her products but this is an odd one.


  • 1/22/14 12:10 anne:

    I was really excited about this but then when i started reading that it is essentially the same but lighter..ehh. I did just order Michael todds knu serum from groupon that im waiting to arrive. i figure if im going to try something as a serum before my argan oil then id rather get something that has a bit more to it. I haven’t even tried her lighter version because i prefer it to be a lot richer for the night.


  • 1/31/14 13:01 anne:

    not gonna lie, i kinda like it lol. I went to sephora to get a sample and used it 2 nights prior to using argan oil. the oil went on soooo incredibly smooth after. not that it didn’t before but it definitely felt better. it felt more hydrating than the mtodd serum i mentioned last week. And i woke up feeling supple.


    • 1/31/14 13:32 Isabella Muse:

      I’m glad to hear it Anne! I’m dry as hay at the moment so this was a little too light for me and I didn’t feel it was all that fab but I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it! Quite a few people raved it in the comments ;-D


      • 1/31/14 13:48 anne:

        Do you use the oil at all? It definitely wouldn’t be hydrating on its own, especially for dry skin but i do feel the extra boost, I currently have combo/dry skin. I have a $15 off $75 for her website, so i think i might pick it up along with an extra argan balm. :) #justification haha


        • 2/3/14 16:00 Isabella Muse:

          I do indeed Anne! I just felt like it was so expensive to use two products though…I really wanted to be able to depend on this versus using both at the same time ;-D hey, the $15 off always helps hehe!


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