LOTS of Garnier Skincare to Try!

Garnier has SO many things popping up for Spring! Did a major haul at the drugstore last week!


  • 1/2/14 21:42 Cindy:

    I’m interested in hearing more about the blackhead scrub! Always looking for something to clear those pesky blackheads XD


  • 1/3/14 2:47 breyerchic04:

    Is it crazy I think I need all of this? I know I tend to overreact on the quality of my skin, but I’ve noticed some yucky blackheads on my nose this week but I also have dry sensetive skin, terrible dark circles, and the start of one wrinkle on my forehead (lots of frowning this year?)


    • 1/14/14 16:40 Isabella Muse:

      lol I’m a skincare junkie too so I can relate!


  • 1/3/14 11:09 Ana Leote:

    I think I want everything! specially the scrub :)


  • 1/3/14 11:26 LipstickHoarder:

    Oooh!!!!! I am interested in this too!


  • 1/5/14 1:51 Diana:

    I can’t wait for your reviews on the cleansers for oily and combination skin 😀


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