Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blush and Bronzer Sneak Peek

Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blush

Your next trip to the drugstore might bring you face to face with the new Maybelline Master Hi-Light Hi-Lighting Blush and Bronzer. Available in four different blush combos and 2 bronzer ones these have a light boosting formula that gives your face color and glow.

Take a peek!

Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blush Bronzer

Maybelline Master Hi-Light Hi-Lighting Blush and Bronzer combines color with an illuminating finish to give skin a lit from within glow. Each mosaic design features several different shades that when combined give a glowing flush of color to cheeks and face!

Maybelline Coral Master Hi-Light Blush


Maybelline Deep Bronze Master Hi-Light Blush


Maybelline Mauve Master Hi-Light Blush


Maybelline Pink Rose Master Hi-Light Blush

Pink Rose

Tried them?

What did you think?

I only tested Coral so far and I’m on the fence as it looked a little too shimmery on me versus any real luminous glow! I thought they reminded me of a Black Radiance Mosaic Blush that I owned way BACK in the 90’s! It was totally a fav product of mine and one day I dropped it and I thought my makeup life was completely over ha…!

I’m still testing so a review is upcoming shortly!

But feel free to share your own if you tried these!

  • 1/30/14 13:00 Cindy:

    Mauve and Bronze look so pretty…but I don’t know if they’ll be appropriate colors for Spring…I wish it was Winter all the time XD


    • 1/30/14 15:37 Isabella Muse:

      ME TOO! or fall all the time 😀


  • 1/30/14 14:37 Tami:

    I saw the display at a target I was in this past weekend. After hemming and hawing I finally decided to get light bronze. This will be mainly a highlighter for me as I don’t see much color but more of a beautiful glow on my complexion. So far I really like it and will more than likely haul more of the shades, especially nude, coral and mauve.


  • 1/30/14 14:38 amy:

    I absolutely *adore* these! I have drier skin, but I wouldn’t recommend these for those with oilier skin. I find the texture & finish very similar to Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder, and Nude is similar in color to KA Candlelight. I reach for the Nude more often, as it is much cheaper & more accessible than Candlelight.

    I also have Light Bronze, which is a pale somewhat warm golden shade, but it still works with my neutral ivory skintone-not too yellow or orange. Mauve is very pretty, but don’t expect anything paleand/or dusky! I was actually a bit disappointed in this particular shade; not because it isn’t pretty, or doesn’t perform well, but because I was expecting “mauve”. It’s actually more of a bright berry/plum, very similar to NARS Oasis in terms of color. While I do love Oasis, I was hoping for something “softer”.

    As someone with larger pores, I don’t find any of these emphasize them, and while there is a strong sheen, there’s no glitter/sparkle/shimmer. Staying power is pretty good, too, but I don’t own a blush that I don’t need to touch-up midday. I plan on picking up the pink ome soon, but will likely skip the coral & bronze, only because I don’t wear those shades.


    • 1/30/14 15:36 Isabella Muse:

      I wish I had the same experience so far I’m seeing a good deal of shimmer…I’m going to keep testing ;D thanks for sharing your thoughts/review Amy! Very helpful!


      • 1/30/14 16:53 amy:

        I should probably disclose that I love OTT highlighters, LOL!


        • 2/10/14 13:35 amy:

          UPDATE: I just picked up the Pink Rose, and that one does have a bit of sparkle, but only when swatched on my hand. I didn’t notice any on my face, though.


  • 1/30/14 14:54 marie:

    I had the Mauve but returned it. It had that whole disco ball thing going on.


    • 1/30/14 15:35 Isabella Muse:

      I thought I was alone 😀


    • 1/30/14 17:06 Nelle:

      I also returned Mauve! I thought it leaned a little too brown and was also pretty darn shimmery. I kept coral, but I’m not sure how much I’ll use it.


      • 1/31/14 16:21 amy:

        I find Mauve to be a bit bright, and leaning too pink! In fact, I find it quite similar to NARS Oasis when applied. I was hoping for more brown tones, or at least more muted. I guess it really depends on ones skintone.


  • 1/30/14 15:33 Cindy:

    I haven’t seen these in stores yet but depending on what you say about them I can see myself getting sucked in by the cute pattern in them! Haha!


  • 1/31/14 2:30 sjgs:

    Is it just me or does a lot of the face studio stuff (this, the blush sticks) look appallingly cheap??


  • 1/31/14 20:34 Avalith:

    I got the one in Mauve and surprisingly it was more natural-tone than I thought! I love to mix it with my Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster and tap off the excess and apply lightly as a contouring blush 😀


  • 2/3/14 15:22 Savanna:

    I’ve been using the Bronze for a while as kind of a contour on my cheeks, and around the edges of my face. I actually take my finger over the darkest brown color and contour the sides of my nose as well. I do the same thing with the light white color on the tops of my eyebrows. I haven’t noticed a lot of shimmer unless i’m looking at my skin in a direct angle of sunlight. I like it, but might repurchase something else to keep trying out bronzers, because it’s fun! Hope this helps. I think I’m going to go for the Physicians Formula Bronze Booster next. Thoughts?


  • 2/3/14 16:27 Laura:

    I have the nude, and while it is beautiful for some reason it looks almost dirty brown/orange in spots on my skin :/


  • 2/8/14 13:05 Clare:

    I had this for a week before I noticed that there is a (useless IMO) mirror and blush on the reverse. I’m so observant :)


    • 2/10/14 11:37 Isabella Muse:

      brush is a little harsh, know what you mean!


  • 2/8/14 13:06 Clare:

    *mirror & brush


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