NYX Butter Lipstick Available Now

NYX Butter Lipstick

Love NYX Butter Lipgloss? Well NYX Butter Lipstick is available now for Spring 2014. NYX is busy gearing up for their Spring 2014 Collection and the earliest launch is the brand new Butter Lipstick ($6) that has many a beauty junkie running in circles.

Take a look!

NYX Butter Lipstick Spring 2014

Available in 22 shades NYX Butter Lipstick promises a unique texture that has a melt onto the lips (not in your hands) consistency! It gives lightweight color with a satiny feel and finish.

Plus did I mention that cheap as chips six dollar price tag?

These shades are great as I mentioned in my review of NXY Butter Lipgloss that they shades weren’t terribly forgiving but Butter Lipstick appears to available in a variety of wearable shades!


Want ’em?

Grab them now at www.nyxcosmetics.com.

  • 1/7/14 10:32 Alessandra:

    I was JUST looking at these on their website…..pretty sure I gotta have them. I have a lipstick problem for sure!


    • 1/7/14 10:49 Isabella Muse:

      lol :) same problem here!


  • 1/7/14 11:03 AmberM:

    I saw swatches and I must own Licorice. I too have a lipstick problem and this is the 1st butter product from NYX that actually has a shade range that I find intriguing.


    • 1/9/14 22:25 Jeannie:

      I just bought Licorice today and it is AMAZING. Seriously, you will love it. So creamy.


      • 1/10/14 9:45 Isabella Muse:

        can’t wait!


  • 1/7/14 11:28 kate:

    been following their instagram and these look quite nice,
    too cold too venture out today for a Harmon run, maybe tomorrow :-)


    • 1/7/14 11:30 Isabella Muse:

      BRRRRRRR that’s all I has to say!


  • 1/7/14 11:58 LipstickHoarder:

    I want them all!! Isa, may I call you Isa? Heheh. Will you be getting the light one, sherbert, orangy pink looking lippie? Gah I would love to see a swatch on that one. If so, could you also share what lip liner would go best with it? I’m like Karen from MakeUpandBeautyblog complexion. if not, a little more yellow and orange.


    • 1/7/14 16:24 Isabella Muse:

      go right ahead most of my friends/family call me izzy 😀 I haven’t gotten any yet but I’ll do my best to swatch when I do :) so you can make an excellent choice for your skin tone 😀


  • 1/7/14 12:31 Malinda Jane:

    I’m hesitant to try these. The regular NYX round tube formula is so slippery to me, they just slide around my mouth and end up on my teeth. And with a butter version, I just imagine it melted all over my face, haha.
    Maybe I should just stick with their matte lippies.


    • 1/7/14 12:52 Isabella Muse:

      Ooo no! transparent lipliner! :)


  • 1/7/14 17:46 fancie:

    I can’t wait for these hit stores!! I feel so silly ordering drugstore makeup sometimes lol. I might bite the bullet and do it anyway. The colors are so pretty!


  • 1/8/14 2:38 Amanda Watts:

    I just picked up two of these from Ulta yesterday! Unfortunately the color I really wanted was sold out, but I was in a hurry so I grabbed the two that really stood out to me- Fireball (orangey-red) and Razzle Fiesta (purpley-fuscia-pink). The one I wanted was Dollface (I think), a perfect baby pink! I love the consistency as they’re almost similar to the more sheer glossy sticks consistency. The color is definitely buildable, but I was surprised as I expected them to be heavier and not as moisturizing/lip balm-like. I hope that made sense! 😉 Anyways, I do love them and can’t WAIT to go back and grab more! Love your blog doll- it’s my must read if I’m thinking of purchasing any products! 😉


    • 1/8/14 2:44 Amanda Watts:

      Oh goodness, correction: not Dollface, Gumdrop is the name of it! I have Tarte blushes on my mind 😉


    • 1/14/14 16:03 Isabella Muse:

      they sound GREAT amanda thanks for sharing 😀 aw thank YOU so much <3!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 1/8/14 21:19 lucy:

    Dear Muse, I don’t usually comment but, I can’t help myself. You have the best pop culture referances, pretty much ever. AND I can always count on your reviews. And you don’t do that silly fake cursing bit. If I was single and a dude I’d propose. Just sayin. You just make my day. Please never retire.
    Love Lucy.

    (Now that I’ve earned a restraining order I will return to reading and not commenting)


    • 1/9/14 9:10 Isabella Muse:

      lol thanks lucy that’s the nicest comment every :) <3!!!!!!!!!!! you need to comment more often chica you totally made my day 😀


  • 2/27/14 10:49 katherine:

    hi Muse! I’ve been anonymous reader of your site for quite awhile, I really find it helpful! sometimes I don’t feel quite sure if I go out to the make up store before reading your reviews 😛
    anw, I have this butter lipstick in Little Susie. I really like that color, even though I don’t usually wear pinks :) It shows up pretty well on my lips, perhaps there’s something to do with the its yellowish undertone


    • 2/27/14 11:47 Isabella Muse:

      thank you katherine very flattered my dear! 😀 I’m glad to hear it! have you tried the Burts Bees tinted balms as well? Tehy are great 😀


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