Smith’s Rose & Mandarin Lip Balm Review & Swatches

Smith's Rose Mandarin Lip Balm

Rosebud Salve gets a new flavor for Spring 2014 fans! Smith’s Rose & Mandarin Lip Balm ($7) is the newest flavor to launch into my beauty life and I couldn’t be excited as a complete hoarder, lover, and regular user of the original Smith’s Rosebud Salve this is of course a cause for great excitement.

As far as I’m concerned the solution to life, the universe, and everything is NOT 42, it’s Rosebud Salve :)

In 2007, I introduced the world to Rosebud Salve on Musings and every that I’ve been spreading my love for this very simple lip balm. You might be a nay sayer about the petrolatum base but I’m all about yaying it, hell Vaseline Rosy Lips gets spread on my lips daily.

It’s been a while since a new flavor was introduced so recently when I ran across Smith’s Rose & Mandarin Lip Balm I was all kinda of hyped.

Smith's Rose Mandarin Lip Balm3

Smith's Rose Mandarin Lip Balm swatches

It does come in the old standard 0.8 oz tin and sure, this is kinda a gross application method but hey, sometimes those are the breaks. At some point maybe they’ll introduce in a tube like the other flavors.

This kinda smells like medicine when you first open the tin. Once applied it’s a very bright, sunny citrus scent. It kinda reminds me of a tangerine type taste mixed in with juicy oranges. You kinda even get a faint bitterness you’d get if you bit into a peel of an orange, this isn’t unpleasant, it actually adds to the flavor and makes it less artificial. I don’t really get the Rose element at all just pure, straight sunny citrus! It’s actually super emollient. Rosebud Salve does have some density to it and needs a little warming at times but not this! This has a very soft texture. It applies easily on lips and leaves them super shiny with a HINT of peachy coral tint.

Of course, I rarely limit myself to using Smith’s Salve on just my lips. It be applied on cuticles, dry heels, as an eyebrow wax, on cuts, on frizzy hair, even as an eye gloss mixed with eyeshadow, or on cheeks for a very hint of subtle color. The possibilities are endless!

Smith's Rose Mandarin Lip Balm fotd

Smith’s Rose & Mandarin Lip Balm is a gem of a product as are all the Smith’s balms!

This one is well worth the purchase.

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  • 1/23/14 11:50 Eraser:

    Delicious! I’ll have to find this because I am in love with the Strawberry salve. And if you apply your cosmetics with clean hands, which everyone should be doing anyway, the container won’t be an issue. Frankly I don’t understand why so many women seem to want everything hermetically sealed! Back in the day, we lived for lip gloss in those cute little pots…


    • 1/24/14 16:22 Caroline:

      I’m with you! The pots are adorable, and with Rosebud Salve the tube is about half as much. As another blogger pointed out, really the only problem with pots is that then you have to wipe your finger somewhere, and it feels childish doing so on one’s pants. 😉


  • 1/23/14 12:27 Krutika:

    Fee shipping code? :)


  • 1/23/14 20:41 Jennie Li:

    WOW! Can’t wait to get my hand on this… But I already have soo many lip balms in my bags..


  • 1/31/14 22:37 Lucy:

    I couldn’t resist I got one at Urban Outfitters. It was a bit more expensive but I couldn’t find it anywhere else. It smells exactly how you described it and I love it.


    • 2/3/14 15:19 Isabella Muse:

      yay happy to hear it lucy! :)


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