The Bobbi Brown Art Stick Collection

Bobbi Brown Art Stick

The Bobbi Brown Art Stick Collection is a new selection of chubby lip pencils with a multitasking formula you’re sure to love if you’re all about simple, easy to apply makeup.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick will be available in eight shades and act as a lipstick and liner all in one. With a blend of emollients and shea butter these Art Sticks have a creamy matte finish with an easily glide that give lips a plumped up look.

The easy to travel with pencil packaging allows for touch ups on the go sans the mess!


  • Bright Raspberry
  • Sunset Orange
  • Cassis
  • Cherrywood
  • Dusky Pink
  • Electric Pink
  • Harlow Red
  • Rose Brown

Wonder if they can also double up as a blush?

Available now at Nordstrom and


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  • 2/17/14 20:17 Maggie:

    Hmmm…how are these easy for on-the-go? They look like they need to be sharpened–so would people need to keep a sharpener with them as well?


    • 2/18/14 9:09 Isabella Muse:

      assuming you carry them out of the house with a point I doubt you’ll use it all day until it goes dull? How much do you planning on applying throughout the day Maggie? Because I’m doubtful you’ll need to carry around a sharpener with you as the point won’t go dull with a few touch ups through the day, I’d say you could probably get quite a long use out of them before the tip dulls…I mean in my experience I don’t have the sharpen eyeliner or lip pencils after every single use and the points are typically good for several uses. Maybe you are applying more product throughout the day than i do!? I’ve never carried a sharpener with me for lip or eye pencils…You’ll be going home at some point and can sharpen and pop it back into your bag right? Or am I nuts? haha :)


  • 2/17/14 21:51 Lulle:

    The shades look nice, but there’s enough twist-up chubby lip pencils out there that I won’t even bother with a crayon that needs sharpening…


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