Clarins Crystal Prodige Lip Gloss Review & Swatches

Clarins Crystal Prodige Lip Gloss

Danai Gurira was on Talking Dead last week? I just watched it so I think it was last week! And man she looked divine. Total girl crush! She’s smart, she’s talented, she’s beautiful! She’s possibly one of the best guests Chris has been able to land on that show aside from Greg Nicotero. P.S. When do you Andy Lincoln is going to sit on that couch? Sometime in this millennium?

The fact is she was shining brightly in her interview and contributed so much to the show it boggled the mind. Plus I was blinded by her juicy, shiny lips. Please Danai if you’re reading this share with us what your mirror mirror on the wall gloss was! She’s very understated in her beauty. She had a little bit of blush, a really low key naked eye, mascara, and big beautiful bare lips that were super glossy. It’s fun seeing her transform from kick your zombie ass slightly tom boyish Michonne to sexy, sultry Danai.

I’m not Danai that’s for sure but a little crystal clear Clarins Prodige Lip Gloss might make my lips look as good or at least one can hope!

Weirdly enough I’m unsure if Clarins Crystal Prodige Lip Gloss is new or repromoted with the new Clarins Opalescence Spring 2014 Collection. As a FOND fan of Prodige Lipgloss I swear I must have missed the boat on this clear shade if it was available and if not, well, I probably have to stock up.

Clarins Crystal Prodige Lip Gloss swatches

Actually the reason I love Clarins Prodige Lip Gloss so much is because it is a full color gloss with excellent pigment. But if I’m honest even if I’m wearing gloss I’m almost always applying some sort of clear gloss on top of my lipstick, my lip stain, my lipgloss, etc…

Clarins Crystal Prodige Lip Gloss fotd

Clarins Crystal Prodige Lip Gloss is a crystal clear shade with a slightly perfumey flavor and taste and a formula that isn’t sticky or heavy on lips. It adds a nice glossy finish to lips with a lightweight texture that isn’t too thick. It makes a perfect companion for lipsticks, stains, or drier glosses by adding a high shine finish on lips. And hey, if you wanna do a Danai and go completely bare lipped with clear gloss, no one is judging!

Grab Clarins Crystal Prodige Lipgloss now on counters or online at

What’s your favorite clear gloss?


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  • 2/19/14 11:14 Christina D.:

    OMG I am such a Walking Dead fan! I’m not a TV watcher generally and I never, ever get involved in a series but I’ve been a die-hard, zombified fan since the first season! For me to stay up that late on a Sunday night proves my fandom although I admit that I have to watch Talking Dead on demand the next day. Danai was a great guest and Michonne is awesome — but Rick is my favorite character. I love the reluctant hero.


    • 2/19/14 11:37 Isabella Muse:

      w000t see?? told you we were related haha! ;-D love love the comics love love the tv series ;-D so great entertainment ;-D Dania was probably one of the best guests every! She was so knowledgeable and just really answered the questions well, etc..some of the guests seem clueless but she did an incredible job explaining her character and the episode etc ;D


  • 2/19/14 11:17 Christina D.:

    P.S. You’re right and Danai was the guest last week. The guest this past Sunday was the girl who plays Tara, one of the Governor’s groupies. Meeeh, not too interesting.


  • 2/19/14 23:15 Ling:

    Hey Muse, this is unrelated to your post, but the Colour Tatoos are LE. Nouveaucheap got confirmation. Just thought to let you know, so that you can stop spreading the false info.


    • 2/20/14 3:51 Isabella Muse:

      thanks ling appreciate the info but I haven’t been “spreading false info” in every single post I did I said “these are possibly permanent shades” and I mentioned several times it was unconfirmed information and I was assuming this. Not sure how that is spreading false info? I wasn’t trying to mislead anyone on the colors being permanent.


      • 2/20/14 8:58 Susannah:

        Dear Muse, I don’t know what Ling is talking about. You provide such a great, free service to let us know about beauty products with clear, honest reviews. In fact, you bend over backwards NOT to mislead us in any way. I appreciate, for example, your response when I wanted to know if the new Chanel colors you recently spotlighted where indeed only available at or if they would be making their way to dept stores sooner or later. You responded quickly and honestly. You also tried to warn us off the drugstore cosmetic lipstick that makes everyone look dead. I bought some anyway and, guess what? You were right!

        All of us who follow your blog appreciate you!

        Best, Susannah


        • 2/20/14 9:16 Isabella Muse:

          I’m honestly not sure either Susannah because I mentioned in all of my posts that the eyeshadows were “possibly permanent but I’m unsure” so the entire I can “stop spreading false info” makes little to no sense to me. Shrug. I believe nouveau cheap also had stated in many of her posts that she thought them perm but wasn’t sure before she confirmed they were LE. Shrug…I dunno. It’s one of those weeks for me where I can’t do anything right hehe :) I think I need a vacation or at least a long weekend! thanks girl :) I really do try hard to provide the best info I possibly can. <3! lol…I’m sorry about the living dead girl lipstick *hugs* it happens to us all my friend! ;-D Thank you! big hugs!


          • 2/20/14 22:14 Ling:

            Sorry, I didn’t mean to come off as a b*tch, though I remember in one post you implied that there’s a good chance they would permanent.

            May I suggest writing a post confirming they are LE so that other readers will know? (I don’t think everyone reads every post, well at least I don’t)Though, maybe you want official confirmation so that you can reference Maybelline directly. IDK, it’s your blog, so it’s really up to you.

            I don’t understand how you can write so many posts in a day with a full time job! Love your blog btw. Again, sorry for the last sentence.

          • 2/21/14 7:58 Isabella Muse:

            no problem ling but even if that post I said I can’t confirm it but “they MAY be perm”. I can’t confirm they are LE as I haven’t heard back from Maybelline as of yet. I wrote their PR team over a week ago but no reply yet. Would kinda be useless confirming information from another blogger who is saying they are LE but I can’t actually source how she got that info, who she heard it from ay Maybelline, etc…therefore if I do a post saying HEY everyone they are LE, not knowing that for a fact they are as mentioned via Maybelline to me and they turn out to be permanent I’m going to have a load of angry people. It’s hard to reference maybelline directly when they have not reached out to me to confirm the information themselves to me. Just taking another blogger’s word that they indeed heard from maybelline isn’t really confirmation. Hope this makes sense. So as soon as I hear from the Maybelline PR team I can go ahead and write that post. Sorry for any problems this issue has caused you! I try…between work, life, and blogging it takes up a lot of time but hey when you are passionate about something you keep chugging full force ahead right? 😀 No worries at all. good luck locating these I hope they pop up in your area soon and crossing my fingers everyone can get them as I know a lot of people really want to try them out! Happy Weekend!

  • 2/20/14 9:42 Christina D.:

    “Stop spreading the false info” — really? I had to chime in my friend since, not only were you clear in stating and re-stating that you didn’t know for sure the status of the newest CTs, but geez, it’s not like state secrets, you know? Even if it was a (gasp!) mistake, this stuff is simply not that important. It does seem like the comments lately have been really snarky but please remember that most of us appreciate Musings as a welcome break in the day, and not biblical in proportions.


    • 2/20/14 9:52 Isabella Muse:

      lol sometimes beauty does seem like a state secret ;-D I love you girl thank you! people like you keep me inspired!


  • 2/20/14 20:38 Blythe:

    I can’t say a certain gloss but I have to have one with a brush. Not one of those spongy ones. They seem to just move the lipstick around while I apply the gloss! And some of the lip color comes off onto that spongy thing.

    I only buy ones with a brush applicator or one you just squeeze out and lightly spread the gloss on.

    I love this site! I spend too much! But heck, I have a nice husband who doesn’t freak out when UPS comes to the door almost every day, haha.


  • 2/20/14 23:58 Sayre:

    People crack me up, that is all. Also, keep up the great work Muse!


    • 2/25/14 16:26 Isabella Muse:

      aw thanks chica! will do!


  • 2/21/14 16:37 Ling:

    Hi, I can’t reply to the comment for some reason. Anyways, I understand your view of the issue. I’m doubtful I’ll even get them because I live in Canada :( A girl can hope!


    • 2/24/14 16:44 Isabella Muse:

      sorry about that, prob a hiccup in my them! Hope they arrive in Canada Ling keeping my fingers crossed for you!


      • 2/24/14 20:03 Ling:

        Thanks, you’re too kind! :)


        • 2/25/14 16:05 Isabella Muse:



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