Ettusais Princess Red Collection Takes on Snow White’s Look

Ettusais Princess Red Collection

The Ettusais Princess Red Collection for Spring 2014 takes on a Snow White Look which is unexpected as it seems more like a Winter-y look with bright red lips, flushed red cheeks, and a bright white complexion!

But none the less this is a cute little collection that recently launched in Japan.

Ettusais Essence Gloss (LE)

Ettusais Essence Gloss

Ettusais Essence Cheek (LE)

Ettusais Essence Cheek

Ettusais Rose Cheek Color Red (LE)

Ettusais Rose Cheek Color Red

item1Ettusais Rose Cheek Color Red 1

I really love the look of flushed cheeks and bright red lips so I purchased a few pieces from this collection and I’ll review and swatch them shortly.

I just thought it looked more like a Wintery look than a Spring though.

What do you think?

The collection is available now at

  • 2/27/14 14:11 thebeavercat:

    The promo picture looks so good. It makes me want it so bad. I can’t help it even though I know I am falling for the marketing. :s


  • 2/28/14 1:41 melissa:

    um yes please … love all of this and yes it looks wintery makes me want to chant mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all lol


    • 2/28/14 10:41 Isabella Muse:

      YOU ARE :)


  • 2/28/14 13:48 KATHY:

    I LOVE it!


  • 2/28/14 13:52 KATHY:

    Just a FYI but the past few times I have visited your site I have had pop ups for a Asian dating website open.


    • 2/28/14 13:59 Isabella Muse:

      that’s not good can I get a screenshot kathy? you can email me at musings.of.a.muse AT gmail DOT com :)


    • 2/28/14 18:27 sylvia:

      you may have some type of malware on your computer-I’ve never experienced that issue


  • 3/1/14 1:24 marge:

    omg yesssss!! ive been waiting for red a red cheek stain from asian brands. its all been pink colors, even when the packaging looks red


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