Forever 21 Cream Eye Shadow for Spring 2014

Forever 21 Cream Eye Shadow

Looks like Forever 21 is revamping their makeup collection for Spring 2014 and one of new products you can look forward to is a Cream Eye Shadow.

Forever 21 Cream Eyeshadow will be available in four shades for $7.80 each.

Take a peek!

Forever 21 Cream Eyeshadow

Forever 21 Cream Eyeshadow promises long lasting color in a creamy formula.


  • Gilded
  • Toe Shoes
  • Shiitake
  • Overcast

I’ve tried a few Forever 21 Makeup products, even reviewed ’em on here, and they aren’t half bad at times….! Not sure about these new Cream Eyeshadows but I like the looks of Toe Shoes!

These are available now in store.

  • 2/6/14 13:04 Amanda:

    Forever 21 has some surprisingly good stuff. The best tweezers and nail clippers I’ve ever used are both from there! They were about $3 each, they’re sparkly, and I’ve had them for about 4 years with no noticeable wear! It feels like my own little secret treasure. :)


    • 2/6/14 13:05 Isabella Muse:

      hehe :) it’s fun finding really cute stuff at f21! not only beauty but even accessories and stuff 😀


  • 2/6/14 13:13 Cosmetics Aficionado:

    These have me curious. I love using cream shadows as bases for colorful eye looks. If these aren’t crease prone I would love a couple.


  • 2/6/14 13:28 chibi639:

    I dunno… some F21 stuff is nice, but the prices for these revamped cosmetics are a bit steep. I’ll pay $8-15 for establish drug store brands but F21 has yet to prove consistency and outstanding quality to me. Holding out on this one…


    • 2/6/14 13:35 Isabella Muse:

      true!!!!!!! $7.80 is quite expensive, the original line was considerably cheaper! I’ll pick one up though out of curiosity who knows might be worth it!


      • 2/6/14 13:54 chibi639:

        F21’s return policy also, quite frankly, sucks. :/ Please let us inquiring minds know how any finds you get turn out! :)


        • 2/6/14 14:05 Isabella Muse:

          yeah, especially with jewelry, “final sale” on all of it. So odd!? not that I’d want to return jewelry but every time they print the receipt they write on it FINAL sale and it annoys me for some reason!


  • 2/6/14 14:05 amy:

    I want Toe Shoes for the name alone… I still have my actual toe shoes from well over 15 years ago, but at 40 years old, I won’t dare wear them again! Ballet-inspired things get me every time, though…


    • 2/6/14 14:35 Isabella Muse:



  • 2/6/14 15:31 LC:

    $7.80 for a creme eyeshadow from Forever 21 seems steep, especially if you’re not able to test it beforehand and get an idea of its quality.


  • 2/6/14 16:50 Jenny:

    I definitely wouldn’t pay $7.80 for an eyeshadow from Forever 21. A quick look on their website under the beauty section there is two beauty lines: the Forever 21 brand stuff is expensive but Love and Beauty is still cheap. This makes me wonder are they getting rid of the Love and Beauty line?


  • 2/7/14 21:41 Luna:

    I’ve never tried Forever21’s cosmetics, but now I kind of want to try these.


    • 3/30/14 3:23 Patricia:

      Can someone do a review on the f21 cream eyeshadows… they look nice but im not sure?


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