Maybelline Sleek & Spice Color Tattoo Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Maybelline Sleek & Spice Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

Maybelline Sleek & Spice Color Tattoo Eyeshadow is one of six new possibly permanent Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows that released with the Maybelline Dare to Go Nude for Spring 2014 Collection. This cream shadow is made for the taupe lovers out there!

Take a look!

Maybelline Sleek & Spice Color Tattoo Eyeshadow is a brownish taupe with a bit of a metallic sheen to it. This is an ideal shade for those who adore a sultry taupe. It creates a certain smokiness on eyes.

Now as you know shades from Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows from Summer 2013 were exciting, hey, it’s always exciting when we get new Color Tattoo Eyeshadows. However, the bad news were most of the shades had a rather crummy consistency. They were just too slippery and blended out to a sheer color wash versus the dense, pigmented formula we’ve come to know and love from Color Tattoo Eyeshadow.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow Sleek & Spice Swatches

Maybelline gets it right with the new Spring 2014 shades or at least Sleek & Spice does! This has a slightly dense yet creamy consistency that applies and blends out perfectly. The shade has excellent pigment and applies without the hassle of blending out too sheer. There’s nothing I hate more than a cream shadow that blends out to a sheer finish. This suffers no such issues. First application is perfect and a little goes a long way at creating an eye look. The color sets to a satin finish and doesn’t crease or fade on my drier eyes for a solid eight hours.

Maybelline Sleek & Spice Color Tattoo Eyeshadow fotd1

Maybelline Sleek & Spice Color Tattoo Eyeshadow fotd

Maybelline Sleek & Spice Color Tattoo Eyeshadow is well worth a pick up!

I haven’t yet seen the new Color Tattoos in store as of yet but my friend picked these up at Harmons I believe for me. But no worries from my understanding the shades are going to be permanently added to the general catalog! Keep your fingers crossed.

  • 2/14/14 10:12 Sara:

    Hi Muse! Super excited about these, and happy you’ve gotten swatches up so quickly in case I run into them! Thank you!
    Sleek Spice is definitely on my list, but I’m curious if it’s similar to any other color tattoos, maybe Bad to the Bronze?


    • 2/14/14 10:19 Isabella Muse:

      i didn’t compare them sorry sara! seems like a richer taupe in comparisons but I’m not really sure as I’m not great at dupes. My pleasure! hope you find them really soon!


  • 2/14/14 10:19 Bee:

    oh I love this taupe-y shade… hope it launches soon
    even I disliked the formula before… it got sheer and hard as I kept using it


  • 2/14/14 10:43 Christina D.:

    I bought an extra of Nude Collection because I am indeed a taupe lover and to me, it looks like a cool taupe. No harm, no foul, I guess, since I was able to purchase all six, including Sleek & Spice. Still, this looks to me like more of a warm, brown leaning shade.


    • 2/14/14 10:58 Isabella Muse:

      it does have quite a bit of brown in it..but it also has a little bit gray and silver or am I nuts? I typically don’t like taupe in all honesty but this is very nice!


  • 2/14/14 11:38 amy:

    Maybelline would seriously be missing out if they don’t make these permanent… When I asked about new collections at my local Walgreen’s at the beginning of the year, the guy in the cosmetics section said they’d be getting a ton of new stuff late-February, and a lot has been on clearance, so hopefully it’ll be to make room for these.

    if these do end up being LE, I will seriously consider starting a petition on to make theseppermanent…


    • 2/15/14 18:22 kellly:

      ha ha ha, I’d sign that for sure!1


  • 2/14/14 12:13 mary brenner:

    I bought all of these little beauties even though I’m not too sure how i will use the black one. I love LOVE nude eye shadows as i like to wear a brighter lip !!


  • 2/14/14 12:45 Debbie:

    Sorry, this doesn’t pertain to this post,,,,,but wanted to give everyone a head’s up that I just received an email from MILANI. They are now selling their LIMITED EDITION COMING UP ROSES BLUSHES on their site!!!! 4 NEW COLORS!! I just ordered 2 of them!! GO GET EM WHILE U CAN!!! They are in the makeup section,,,under limited edition. GOOD LUCK ALL!! Oh,,,& You’re very much welcome!! ;-D


    • 2/14/14 19:51 Sara:

      Thank you! I have them in my cart – just need to check out! :)


      • 2/17/14 14:46 Debbie:

        You’re quite welcome! I can’t wait to receive mine as well. 😀


  • 2/14/14 16:55 Tammie:

    I neeeeeeed this one, and the other similar one! I really hope it’s true they are permanent because this might end up being my go-to everyday shade, it’s amazing! I am going to check out BB&B either tonight or this weekend, I really hope they have it!!!


  • 2/15/14 18:21 kellly:

    I am SO wanting to get these! I’m planning a MAJOR MAJOR haul when they finally show up in my area! I want most of the eye colors, most of the lip colors, at least one of the blush sticks, maybe one of the powder blush/highlighters … that about covers everything, doesn’t it?!?!


  • 2/17/14 14:57 Debbie:

    Hi Muse! Does anyone know if these are permanent? I hope so. eBay sellers are selling them for $16-18.00 EACH! I really want to buy a few of the colors, but I know they can’t be THAT much at the drugstores! :/ (whenever they get to my local Walgreens/CVS)


  • 2/20/14 23:29 Kristyn:

    Just curious do you use your fingers to apply on the eyes or a specific brush?
    This color is really pretty i think I’m putting it on my list!


  • 2/21/14 8:07 Jeanette:

    I’ve been curious about those color tattoo eyeshadows, this one looks like a winner. I’m going to try it.


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