Urban Decay Native Naked Flush for Summer 2014

Urban Decay Native Naked Flush

Fans of Urban Decay Naked Flush will be quite happy to learn that a shade extension is arriving for Summer 2014. Urban Decay Native Naked Flush is the newest shade selection in this face compact and includes a new bronzer, highlighter, and blush shade.

Looks like Urban Decay Native Naked Flush is a lighter selection of shades that might be more friendly for a cooler skin tone. Where as the original palette included some deeper, warmer shades, Native is all about a cooler shade of pink and a lighter bronzer.

From my understanding more shades will be arriving shortly for the Summer 2014 season!

Native is available now at Sephora and Sephora.com.

I sure hope you had a good weekend! It seemed to have whizzed past again for me. I played some catch up with Black Sails late last night and I have a slight crush on Vane, it’s the throaty voice…do like! Oh and the I don’t give a flying hell attitude helps too. How was your weekend?



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  • 2/24/14 9:55 Sarai:

    Ooo la la!!! I will have to go and pick this up today, seriously gorgeous! I am so glad your weekend was relaxing:) I felt like it went by way to fast as well, but very enjoyable! My fiance flew into town from Cali to surprise me after 2 long months of not seeing him.. He brought me LUSH products! Yay finally get to try them out :) Have a great Monday!!


    • 2/24/14 11:08 Isabella Muse:

      It was great thanks! Seriously enjoyed it! Was much needed 😀 Awwwww! How sweet 😀 Enjoy your Lush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You as well my dear 😀 so far it’s shaping up quite well!


  • 2/24/14 10:29 Leslie:

    Muse, is it me or does it look exactly the SAME? LOL, Let’s not fix what is broken UD, if you’re gonna attempt/add to the ever growing Naked collection (BIG FAN) let’s make it worth my hard working pennies! Mama needs to justify her cost!! LOL Make it a great one Muse! Tu Amiga, Leslie :=)


  • 2/24/14 10:30 Leslie:

    *is NOT broken


    • 2/24/14 11:25 amy:

      This is actually only one of three new palettes, plus the original, and from what I can tell from promotional pictures, they all look quite different when next to each other. If this one is too close to the original for you, just wait until the others are released, and compare them all side-by-side.

      On its own, it does look quite similar to the original, but promotional pictures aren’t always the best representation. In the promo I saw, this looks comparatively cooler-toned, but I still want to see it in-person first, or at least wait for swatches/reviews!


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