Avon Haiku Kyoto Flower for Spring 2014

avon haiku kyoto flower

I happen to be a rather big fan of Avon Haiku! It’s such a lovely fragrance and so underrated. So I was quite excited about the new Avon Haiku Kyoto Flower for Spring 2014 when I saw it pop up!

This I have to try!

Avon Haiku Kyoto Flower is a serene fragrance that takes the notes of velvety violet leaf and white peony and envelopes them with a soft cotton musk for a soothing, relaxing fragrance experience.

The original Haiku fragrance actually uses completely different floral notes of jasmine, lilies and sparkling citrus so count me curious how Kyoto Flower smells as it’s apparently not even a variation of the original.

Avon has launched Haiku Kyoto Flower in a perfume spray, shower gel, powder, and lotion. Avon’s actually selling the fragrance alone for $23 but you can grab a set that includes the fragrance as well as the shower gel, powder, and lotion for the same $23! It’s like getting three items free.

haiku kyoto flower

I ordered mine just now and will review when it arrives.

Get it at shop.avon.com.

  • 3/6/14 12:56 cajuncocoa:

    I used to sell Avon….always loved Haiku. I’ll have to give this one a try!


    • 3/6/14 13:01 Isabella Muse:

      me too it’s such a great fragrance! :)


  • 3/6/14 13:03 Sarai:

    Never would have thought to give Avon perfume a try. I think I will have to do that! :)


    • 3/6/14 13:06 Isabella Muse:

      try the original haiku first sarai it is lovely!


      • 3/6/14 16:32 Sarai:

        Will do :) Thank you for the recomendation!


        • 3/7/14 11:15 Isabella Muse:
  • 3/6/14 13:34 Eli:

    This looks so beautiful! And the fragrance itself sounds interesting as well :)


  • 3/6/14 16:19 noire:



  • 3/6/14 16:41 Emi Pierce:

    It’s so pretty~ I always wanted Haiku when I was, like, nine years old, but was told it was too strong for me. Now that I’m old enough I can’t wait to try this out!


  • 3/7/14 2:54 Fay. H.:

    The unique packaging already has me intrigued. It looks like a Japanese tower! Can’t wait to see your review!


  • 3/7/14 8:25 Ash:

    I generally don’t like Avon’s perfumes, but I have to agree with you on this one– it’s quite nice!


  • 3/9/14 16:18 Jules:

    You’re right the Haiku is way underrated. It’s a fabulous fragrance especially for people who might like something light. I was surprised when I came across it because I had a pile of Avon perfume samples & was not liking any of them until this. I just checked the Avon site & they have a bogo on the original today. Good time to share it with a friend or not. :-)


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