Fluffy Bunny Hand Cream Shut the Hell Up and Get On My Hands!

Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter Hand Cream

Fluffy, bunny…and hand cream? STHU and get on my hands! There’s just something about a hand cream named Fluffy Bunny Hand Cream…and proceeding to put a fluffy little bunny on your packaging? Are you trying to kill me with the cuteness!?!

With Easter coming and baskets to fill wouldn’t it be lovely to include a little hand cream in with all those Cadbury Cream Egg Wrappers?

Fluffy Bunny Hand Cream ($14) is a light, fluffy shea butter hand cream that smells like mint julep, cream, and lavender. It promises a non-greasy feel with a formula loaded up with supple butters to sooth and soften skin like Vitamin E, jojoba, and soybean plus it’s paraben free.

Oh and it has a freaking bunny on the packaging!

Need I say more?


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  • 3/12/14 15:06 Sarah:

    I absolutely LOVE the FHF Whoopie cream. Smells like frosting! It’s smells amazing and so moisturizing.


    • 3/12/14 18:21 Cheryl:

      Sarah, Whoopie pie is my favorite handcream, too! It smells and works amazing.


  • 3/12/14 15:38 Christina D.:

    Just be sure to keep the fluffy bunnies out of Lizzie’s reach!

    BTW was that not the creepiest sneak peek ever with the little girl playing tag with the zombie? It freaked out Chris Hardwicke!


    • 3/12/14 15:44 Isabella Muse:

      LOL! that little serial killer! haha! 😀 I didn’t watch Talking Dead this week yet so I didn’t see! OMG can’t wait to see that 😀 ugh Chris drives me nuts…I can’t stand listening to the Nerdist because of him, he’s so damn hyper ;-D


  • 3/12/14 15:45 Phyrra:

    OMG super cute!


  • 3/12/14 16:16 Kimmwc03:

    I’ve been wanting to try some FHF products, this may be my first purchase.


  • 3/12/14 16:29 Christina:

    This is ridiculously cute! I must share it with all the bunny lovers out there.


  • 3/12/14 18:40 Kirsten:

    I just ordered a few products from FHF and put you in when asked how I heard about them. Maybe they will send you a treat I hope! ;))))


  • 3/13/14 6:30 anne:

    Oh my gosh, I must have this :p where can I get it ?


  • 3/13/14 8:22 Karen M.:

    I love FHF’s whole line but especially Whoopie cream and Fluffy Bunny! They turn my cracked painfully dry hands soft and moisturized in literally hours. And don’t even get me started on the Coconut Beach Body Scrub. Actually I have to stop myself myself from wanting to eat half of their products. Plus they’re always running specials online (like a free hand cream w/ purchase) at farmhousefreshgoods.com.


  • 3/13/14 15:59 Majick:

    Your post really made me LOL – especially your commment about the cadbury egg wrappers.


    • 3/13/14 16:06 Isabella Muse:

      hehe :) you know my baskets always have the wrappers because lord knows those little mini cadbury eggs are lethal…I’ll eat a dozen and not even realize it! but a dozen translates as one of the larger ones right? so not that bad?


  • 3/15/14 7:32 Lulubelle:

    Fluffy Bunny is my favorite night time hand cream – I find the scent so relaxing!


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