Milani Tea Rose Rose Powder Blush Review & Swatches

Milani Rose Powder Blush

Milani Tea Rose Rose Powder Blush ($7.99) is one of four, limited edition Milani Rose Blush shades that relaunched exclusively at Walgreens recently. Milani brought back last year’s very popular Rose Blush Collection in four new shades for the Spring season. These were so popular last year and sold out quite fast.

Up until now they have been kinda hard to find but recently I’m noticing more and more Walgreens putting out displays so if you’re in the New York area be on the look out.

Milani Tea Rose Blush

Milani Tea Rose Rose Powder Blush is a dusky medium shade of pink with a matte finish. These blushes have been getting a bad wrap for being too dry, powdery, even chalky and hard to blend. I really didn’t have too many issues with them and I actually love them…!

If anything at all they are too PIGMENTED! I find that the best application is with a bushy brush because they are powdery and as I swipe a brush into them I come away with a good deal of product. A bushier brush allows you to easily tap off excess and blend out lightly for a sheerer a finish as they are pretty fully on if you aren’t careful. They blend quite nicely on my cheeks but I recommend a lot of prepping prior as I can see them possibly applying patchy on drier cheeks. I have drier skin so I know! But I can get a lovely seamless finish just by lighting dusting onto my face. I get a bit of dryness and I can see why people say they are chalky but the shade blends out to a fairly nice finish for me with a wear of around five hours before showing minor fading at hour six.

Milani Tea Rose Rose Powder Blush swatches

If you have ruddiness or redness in your cheeks already this honestly isn’t going to help the problem so again I suggest prepping well prior to application.

Tea Rose is bright and vibrant but can easily be sheerer out for a more natural flush or on darker skin tones I’m sure you’ll appreciate the vibrancy and pigment.

Of course, one of the most appealing aspects of the blush is the pretty rose design. The blush has a 3D, slightly raised rose in full bloom shape. The design will last through many uses as it isn’t an imprint or an over spray!

Overall, I honestly loved Milani Tea Rose Rose Powder Blush and I’m looking forward to trying the other shades!

Milani Tea Rose Rose Powder Blush fotd

Tried them?

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  • 3/28/14 10:32 Christina D.:

    Hey Sister Muse and TGIF! I think I had mentioned that I was hesitant to purchase these since I was disappointed in last year’s Coming Up Roses blushes. But I caved, ordered all four of these directly from Milani — and so glad I did. They are wonderful!


    • 3/28/14 11:00 Isabella Muse:

      YAYYYY! I’ve heard so many crummy reviews but I really love them so far!


  • 3/28/14 10:44 A.:

    I’m in NY and am on the hunt for these. Have you happened to catch if they’re only being sold at Walgreens that carry Milani? I’ve noticed not all Walgreens do.


    • 3/28/14 10:59 Isabella Muse:

      All the walgreens that had them A did have full milani displays hope this helps!?


      • 3/28/14 11:13 A.:

        It does help, thank you! Off I go to the nearest Milani-carrying Walgreens! 😉


        • 3/28/14 11:32 Isabella Muse:

          good luck! if all else fails they are available on milani’s website :)


  • 3/28/14 11:47 Janelle:

    gonna go check my Walgreens. Gonna Gonna Go Gonna Go Go Go. Yes it’s Friday and I am singing :) I also had a little dance I did when I saw that Muse liked these as I need me some matte blushes!!! If my Walgreens doesn’t have them I will have to go online but I have a Walgreens by my work (and it’s on my way home) so I am hoping there or by my house has them. Keep you fingers crossed for me ladies!


    • 3/28/14 12:20 Isabella Muse:

      ha tgif chica I’m singing too can’t wait for the weekend to start! ;-D fingers crossed! good luck!


  • 3/28/14 12:15 Fancie:

    Your review just gave me hope! My search begins today! I really don’t want to miss out this time and Tea Rose looks so nice on you


    • 3/28/14 12:20 Isabella Muse:

      thanks fancie 😀 let me know what you think if you try!


  • 3/28/14 12:51 Holly:

    Once again you have me lemming drugstore makeup, and blushes, no less! I never lem for blush because I was always too heavy handed with them, but Tea Rose looks too lovely to pass up even for the simple fact that it will look cute on a vanity.


    • 3/28/14 12:54 Isabella Muse:

      :-D! I think they are adorable to look at 😀


  • 3/28/14 13:09 Christine Joy Luikuo:

    Hi, Miss Muse! Do you think this will be good on oily skin?


    • 3/28/14 13:17 Isabella Muse:

      I’d say yes as it is matte! 😀


  • 3/28/14 17:49 Avalith:

    UGH none of the walgreens I go to have Milani :<


  • 3/28/14 18:31 Arzu Gunther:

    It looks so pretty on you!


    • 3/31/14 15:32 Isabella Muse:

      aw thanks :)


  • 3/29/14 18:30 Jolene:

    I agree these are super pigmented. I bought this exact shade earlier this week. A very light hand is needed when applying. My first application made it look like someone had slapped me across the face! A little goes a very long way. I love the shade though.


    • 3/31/14 15:29 Isabella Muse:

      LOL yeah def experience that! lightly is key!


  • 4/14/14 17:30 Diana Maria:

    I can’t seem to find these anywhere – not even Walgreens. Perhaps because it’s so recent a launch? :c


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