Suave Natural Infusion Seaweed All Day Body Leave-In Foam Review

Suave Natural Infusion Seaweed All Day Body Leave-In Foam

Need a little pick me up for your dull, dry locks? Suave Natural Infusion Seaweed All Day Body Leave-In Foam ($5.79 at drugstores) will get your hair nicely hydrated with seaweed and lotus bloom without leaving it stiff, crunchy or sticky. And hey, it won’t break your beauty bank either.

Take a peek!

My hair is long, wavy, with a bit of curl and a good deal of dryness. I can use any and all conditioner you throw my way. Suave Natural Infusion Seaweed All Day Body Leave-In Foam is a nice way to get a little hydration in and keep the frizz at bay as well!

This a leave in foaming conditioner which you can use on damp hair. I use about one pump (you really don’t need a ton of it even with longer hair in my experience) and rub it through my towel dried hair. It creates a nice softness to my hair and eases frizz every so slightly so my wavy hair is more refined and not, “Oh hey there I just rolled out of bed!” It’s very lightweight and didn’t cause a ton of build up with daily use plus it doesn’t leave my hair feel crunchy enough that I could serve it with a bowl of dip! It just softens locks and it allows for an easier comb through after I brush out my tangles.

It added a nice bit of bounce, softness, and a high fresh floral fragrance to my hair.

I don’t use a ton of styling products because I dislike the buildup but this has become a staple when I’m headed out for the night.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add bounce and softness to your hair Suave Natural Infusion Seaweed All Day Body Leave-In Foam saves the day!


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  • 3/12/14 11:13 auroragyps:

    I have super straight & oily hair that likes to do nothing and get’s flyaways like crazy. I wear it as a short & spiky pixie cut most of the time (getting it cut today). Like you, I hate to wear a lot of product in my hair. Do you think this would help give my hair a bit of oomph & tidy it up? I’d add a bit of pomade in for definition, but use this for a base. Does this question make any sense, because I’m totally tired and stressed out.


    • 3/12/14 11:25 Isabella Muse:

      lol not really dear *hugs* it doesn’t act as a hold for anything so it won’t really hold your spiky do. It will add softness to your hair and a bit of volume and if you have longer hair some definition. Does that help!? :)


  • 3/12/14 13:44 Kimmwc03:

    I need to try this.


  • 3/12/14 23:24 Braelyn:

    You are my go to girl! I always trust your reviews! I recently donated 12 inches of hair and now- I’m trying to fins prices that refine my mane- I might just try this! Thank you!


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