Yankee Candle Marshmallow Peeps Are On the Loose!


The peeps have infiltrated every single freaking Holiday. Remember when evil marshmallow peeps (yes, they are PURE EVIL!) only made themselves known around Easter? Well not anymore. They have crept their way into Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and yes, even Halloween!

They have now infiltrated Yankee Candle. I repeat they have now infiltrated Yankee Candle!

Yankee Candle Marshmallow Peeps

You don’t have to be afraid of the zombie plague, forget about a storm of fire raining down on your head, the meek won’t inherit the earth, the BLOODY PEEPS WILL! Be afraid, be very, very afraid because it started with Holidays but at some point they’ll take over the WORLD!

They know the answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42. They are coming to get you….this is a real public emergency broadcast and I urge you to take cover.

On the upside…

They do smell great even though they are pure evil. So I wouldn’t mind a marshmallow peep scented candle nor would I have any guilt about burning one either because microwaving or lighting peeps on fire is a good way to get rid of them!

On March 15th, Yankee Candle will debut their Spring/Easter 2014 Collection with 15 brand new fragrances one of which is evil Marshmallow Peep!

Check your local stores do for debut/party details and BEWARE OF THE PEEPS!

May the gods help us all.

  • 3/4/14 10:29 Tara:

    Thanks Muse! Now I have NIN in my head and I feel 18 and angsty again! :)


    • 3/4/14 10:40 Isabella Muse:



  • 3/4/14 13:08 Robin:

    Peeps have a shelf life on five years. Yikes!!! They and the roaches will outlast us all.


    • 3/4/14 13:16 Isabella Muse:

      OR MORE!


  • 3/4/14 15:22 Miss D:

    Oh, teacher I know the rest of the lyrics to this song! *raises hand*
    “…You’re Gonna Get What You Deserve!”
    Um, I hope I get extra credit for this- LOL! :)
    Hey, can you just imagine a whole army of Peeps ready to battle? What a sight that would be (violence is possible even for the cutest of species)!


    • 3/5/14 11:08 Isabella Muse:

      LOL I LOVE NIN ;-D def extra credit for that one ;-D omg they’d totally dominate us with all the cuteness and marshmallow sugar we could handle 😀


  • 3/4/14 15:45 Lucy:

    I wonder if this smells exactly like Peeps. If it does I want one.
    Will they be sold anywhere else besides a Yankee Candle store because I don’t have one near me and I want to smell it first.


  • 3/4/14 23:51 Sarah:

    NIN and Peeps mash up!


    • 3/5/14 10:01 Isabella Muse:



  • 3/5/14 11:07 Karen:

    Picked up one of the Peeps candles this weekend since I live near the YC flagship store in MA and my first thought was this smells exactly like the Christmas Cookie or Buttercream candles. Even tho I’m not a fan of actual peeps I liked the candle. Truth be told, they had a jar topper shaped like bunny ears that I just had to have and I needed an “Easter” candle to match and this one’s perfect! Kinda bummed that the chocolate bunny candle smelled “ewww” :(


    • 3/5/14 11:33 Isabella Muse:

      awww really? was hopeful it would smell like sugary marshmallow not that I don’t love christmas cookie but still….any cute tart warmers for easter!?


  • 3/5/14 12:16 Karen:

    Some very cute tea light and tart warmers for Easter/spring in store and I’m sure they’ll be online and don’t even get me started on their whole Hawaiian candles/accessories theme (VERY cute tart warmers). Between BBW and YC this spring I’m goin’ broke!


    • 3/5/14 12:28 Isabella Muse:

      can’t wait! 😀 I did a haul of the newest beachy tart warmers and love ’em! I hear ya I hear ya ;-D


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