Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel Review

Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel

Need a little quickie blemish clear up? Try out the new Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel as it’ll work overnight to zap zits into oblivion!

Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel launched about a month and a half ago and landed in my “to be reviewed much later” pile because I don’t really have issues with acne, blemishes, or break outs. My biggest skincare woe is dryness and dullness but never pimples or acne of any kind.

However, early last week I had this sudden random breakout on my forehead. No idea where it came from but I had this crop of three pimples on my forehead that were red and ugly. Why I pondered feeling rather weak and wary I had a light bulb go off in my head and I quickly started digging through my pile of products I’d review at some point in my makeup life and I came up with Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel at the very bottom of the pile!

I washed my face and after I applied a thin layer of this thinner gel on my forehead. I quickly freaked out realizing the salicylic acid would dry my forehead out. But I decided to get rid of these blemishes I’d settle for dryness! After a single application overnight I was shocked that my small out break cleared up and I didn’t have dry, flaky skin as a result.

Well ha…! I wouldn’t have guessed that this would work and without the dryness too!

Do like!

It’s actually getting some incredible reviews across the board so if you have chronic outbreaks it might be nice to have on hand to quickly treat them for clearer skin!

Mine’s headed into the medicine cabinet for emergencies like the one I experienced last week. You just never know when a pimple will rear its ugly head!

Available now, on sale, at or Clinique counters.


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  • 4/21/14 21:59 Courtney:

    I received a small sample of this from Sephora about a week ago and just ordered the full-sized version. I had a monster zit/cyst on my chin (disgusting, I know, but it happens) and this stuff knocked it out in two days flat. Normally it would take at least a week. I didn’t find it overly drying either (which is good because my over 30 skin craves moisture). Definitely recommend it for acne-prone skin.


    • 4/22/14 9:39 Isabella Muse:

      yay happy to hear it! I had a weird flare up on my forehead and overnight it cleared up was totally brilliant!


  • 4/21/14 22:41 Ashley:

    I really want to try this product! I don’t suffer from acne, just the occasional flare up on my chin and around my mouth when I’m having my period. This product sounds great, I’ve been using the same tube of $8 clean and clear zit gel for two years, sometimes I wonder if it still works. Would like to try this product next CLinque bonus GWP time.


    • 4/22/14 9:54 Ruth:

      If you have a Macy’s in your area, it’s now bonus time!


  • 4/25/14 13:53 Badrokandroll:

    Clinique used to make something like this years ago & I loved it. Then they discontinued it. Every spot treatment that I can find has benzoyl peroxide in it. I am allergic to exactly 3 things, and benzoyl peroxide is one of them – it rips my skin apart into a disgusting itchy flaming red rash in about 2 minutes. Does anyone know if there is benzoyl peroxide in this?


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