Lush Carrot Soap Review

Lush Carrot Soap

Lush Carrot Soap was launched with the Lush Easter 2014 Collection and contrary to it’s name it doesn’t technically smell like a carrot. Although, thinking about it, perhaps that wouldn’t be an entirely bad thing right? I like carrots, they smell kinda ok, I wouldn’t mind a carrot scented soap….!

Technically Lush Carrot Soap gets its name from the carrot oil they put in it and also what lends the soap its lovely orange color. Lush packs a whole lot of cocoa butter into this one which makes it super moisturizing! It has a light fruity scented thanks to Sicilian lemon and buchu oil. The scent is actually very subtle for Lush so it’s a little fruity, a little Spring-y with a grassy element, and just very light and fresh!

One of the nicest parts about the soap is how hydrating it is so you can use it all over your legs to shave with should you like!

The sad news?

It’s only available for a limited time so stock your Easter Basket with it now before it disappears for good.

Smelled it?

What did you think of Carrot Soap?

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  • 4/18/14 9:51 Sandie:

    I totally thought that was cheese.

    By the way, I’m a semi-new reader here. I love your posts. You and I definitely see eye to eye about a lot of things.


    • 4/18/14 9:58 Isabella Muse:

      LOL sandie it kinda does look like cheese 😀 nice to meet you btw…! don’t be a stranger :) love hearing from everyone! It’s always great when someone shares my thoughts on a product :)


  • 4/18/14 10:03 Sweta:

    I am totally with you on that Muse..the scent is really fresh and yes its super it :)


    • 4/18/14 12:53 Isabella Muse:

      :-D! It’s so Spring-y!


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