Sephora Color My Life Eye & Lip Makeup Tablet for Summer 2014

Sephora Color My Life Eye Lip Makeup Tablet

Loving all over this cute Sephora Color My Life Eye & Lip Makeup Tablet for Summer 2014 ($34) that includes 36 shadows and 6 lipglosses!

Take a look!

The main draw? The fact that this cute palette looks like an iPad or a Kindle! The tablet features a variety of shades in matte, shimmer, and glitter finishes.

I don’t love the idea they included six lipglosses though as it could potentially get messy! They should have just did all shadows here as far as I’m concerned!

Sephora Color My Life Eye Lip Makeup Tablet Palette

Sephora Color My Life Eye Lip Palette

None the less if you can score it at 15% during Sephora’s Hottest Ticket I’d say it’s a cute haul! Especially since Sephora can surprise with the quality on some of their palettes.

The Sephora Color My Life Eye & Lip Makeup Tablet is available now at Sephora and

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  • 4/2/14 10:41 Linda:

    The colors are gorgeous…I’m salivating!…but I sure wish more cosmetics companies would get the memo about how to package creams and powders together in a palette. You know how Mally puts a little plastic cover over the creams in her Perfect Palettes? If this palette had that feature, it would be perfect.


    • 4/2/14 11:15 Sara:

      Seriously! You could probably make your own little plastic cover and just tape one side so it’s a flap. But it is much nicer when the palette already includes it.


  • 4/2/14 12:33 Robin:

    Drat. I just told a friend last night that I’m only buying my staple products during the VIB sale since I have enough makeup to supply every zombie in the Waking Dead. But this is beautiful and it has all the colors I like to play with and the price is nice, and, and, and,… it will be mine!!! LOL

    Hi Muse, have you played with the new Laura Geller blush that’s a swirly looking compact?? It’s BETTER than Clinique’s Cheek Pop!!! ( and I love those!) HG blush!!!


    • 4/2/14 14:34 Isabella Muse:

      haha robin ;-D I hear ya girl I hear ya! I DID I did :-D I was going to order both shades but refrained now you are making me do it :D


      • 4/2/14 15:50 Robin:

        I ordered both; rosewater is on waitlist. Ulta has a kit with the one of the blushes and an eyeshadow with the same formula. Very pigmented and blendable. Natural looking as well. I swirled my blush brush twice and it looks like nothing is on the brush, but it’s there. Loves!!! If nothing else, you should pop into Ulta and play with the color. I think you would like it.


        • 4/2/14 16:07 Isabella Muse:

          DAMN YOU I ORDERED BOTH! Get out of here! :-D got both on qvc but wait listed..papaya and rosewater :-D do they have a nice glow!? :D


          • 4/2/14 16:52 Robin:

            I think it does. Soft sheen in my opinion. Reminds me of the Armani blush you recently reviewed, but in a powder form. :D

          • 4/28/14 16:34 Isabella Muse:

            mm sounds lovely!

          • 4/3/14 14:16 Kary:

            HELP! so today should I go for Clinique cheek pops or wait for laura Geller swirl?

            And between those and the Too Faced Heart Blushes?

            SO MANY OPTIONS!

          • 4/3/14 14:18 Isabella Muse:

            i haven’t tried the laura geller swirl, can’t advise?! the Too Faced Heart Blushes are different product so can’t really compare those to cheek pops :)

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