Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar for Summer 2014

Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar Summer 2014

The weather is heating up and so is the new Bobbi brown Raw Sugar for Summer 2014 Collection. This selection of toasted brown shades are the perfect sexy compliment to a Summer tan with sizzling shades for face, eyes, lips, and nails to get that perfect bronze look!

Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar Shimmer Brick Palette (LE) ($48.50)
Bobbi’s new Raw Sugar Shimmer Brick Palette contains a range of beachy bronzes and warm sugary shades that can be used as a color wash all over lids.

Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar Shimmer Brick Palette
Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar Bronzing Powder ($38)
A traditional bronzer with a smooth, silky texture that gives skin the appearance of a natural, healthy tan!

Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar Bronzing Powder


  • Elvis Duran
  • Medium

Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar Illuminating Bronzing Powder ($38)
A smoother, sheerer bronzer with micro pearls that gives skin a radiant glowing finish.


  • Telluride

Bobbi Brown Tinted Lip Balm ($20)
A moisturizing lip balm that provides hydration and beautiful sheer, tinted color to lips.

Bobbi Brown Summer 2014 Tinted Lip Balms


  • Brown
  • Pink Raspberry
  • Pink Popsicle
  • Hazelnut

Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar Nail Polish ($15)
Toasty shades of nail polish for tips and toes!


  • Raw Sugar
  • Golden Beige

Bobbi Brown Raw Sugar Nail Polish

I just want to say I haven’t a clue why one of the bronzer shades is called Elvis Duran. What in the what what?! Ha…! Is that somehow a misprint on Nordie’s site?!

Never the less I’m in love with this collection and overjoyed that there is a Pink Raspberry Tinted Lip Balm! Sign me up for three! I love the shade in the Pot Rouge and I’m quite happy to have it in a tinted lip balm now.

The Shimmerbrick Palette might have to prove itself to me as I’ve had experiences with the eye Shimmerbricks in the past and didn’t really love them as they were too frosty and sheer for me. But count me curious.

Anything you must have?

Do share!

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  • 5/19/14 19:48 Emilee:

    Elvis Duran is the host of the Z100 morning show in NYC. Elvis and Bobbi are friends.


    • 5/19/14 19:51 Isabella Muse:

      yeah I know, I live in New York but didn’t know that Bobbi and elvis were friends ha learn something new everyday!


  • 5/19/14 19:54 Tavia:

    This collection looks lovely but I’m saving for the new Surf & Sand Summer 2014 Collection which has Kate Upton as the new face. :) It’s more subtle and natural. :)


    • 5/20/14 9:47 Isabella Muse:

      YES! saw promo images I die!


  • 5/19/14 20:15 Ashley:

    Love this collection, very natural but you could use all of these shades everyday. I’m so glad you’re back! I would get almost depressed every time I would check your site and you were still gone. I have to get my daily dose of my favorite blog daily:)


    • 5/20/14 9:47 Isabella Muse:

      AWWWWWWWWW ashley! thanks hugs!


  • 5/19/14 22:36 morgane:

    i totally love bobbi brown BUT, the packaging of the tinted lip balm saddens me greatly. for 20$ i wish she would do something a little nicer looking than just a twist tube that looks like any you could get at the drugstore. not that i buy makeup just for the packaging, but if its pretty to look at when i whip out of my bag i consider it a plus.


    • 5/20/14 9:42 Isabella Muse:

      mmm yeah bobbi’s packaging has always been very plain :(


  • 5/20/14 3:39 Sarah Lilly:

    Ah that Shimmer Brick is stunning! I have been so tempted to buy a shimmer brick for ages, and I think the Raw Sugar one will have to be my first BB purchase! Thanks for sharing x


    • 5/20/14 9:23 Isabella Muse:

      my pleasure! :)


  • 5/20/14 12:33 Cj:

    Hey wifey, how was your little vacation? Have you tried bobbi browns new stick foundation?


    • 5/20/14 12:54 Isabella Muse:

      it was lovely thanks for asking! 😀 how are you my dear? I haven’t. I have tried the old ones but wasn’t a fan, too matte for this dry skin girl, but curious about the new. You?


      • 5/20/14 14:34 Cj:

        I’m good, my moms best friend is in town for the week so I’ve been getting dragged around lol. It’s amazing, not matte like the old one, the new one is I guess supposed to be a stick version of the liquid skin foundation (which I also love lol) Goss did a video of it a couple weeks ago you should check it out 😉


  • 5/21/14 0:31 Tammy:

    She’s on the show a lot of Friday mornings with Z100. It’s my favorite time to listen…obviously!! Lol. They spoke about this bronzer a few times on the air and I thought it was a joke..guess not. The eyeshadow palette looks amazing.


    • 5/21/14 10:09 Isabella Muse:

      that’s prob why I was clueless! I typically listen to Howard Stern in the AM so I never catch the show! I probably haven’t listened to them since the late 90’s lol! 😀 I can’t believe she named a bronzer after him haha!


  • 5/21/14 0:32 Tammy:

    Opps! I meant shimmer brick.


  • 5/22/14 22:12 Jane:

    I agree with Tavia. The collection is beautiful, but I just saw the Surf & Sand Collection and I think I would do better with that one. It is gorgeous, especially the Sand palette and the pink brightening blush. I can’t say Kate Upton inspires me, but the collection looks wonderful.


  • 5/23/14 3:30 Alice:

    I would of loved if they released another face & body bronzer duo.


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