DHC Minnie Mouse Deep Cleansing Oil Review

DHC Minnie Mouse Cleansing Oil

Daisy Duck not your Disney character of choice? How about Minnie? DHC Minnie Mouse Deep Cleansing Oil is one of two, limited edition printed bottles that DHC released in Japan recently!

Too sweet right?

DHC Minnie Mouse Deep Cleansing Oil

Recently, I featured the DHC Daisy Duck Deep Cleansing Oil in a review but if you aren’t a fan you’ll be happy to know that DHC also released a Minnie Mouse Deep Cleansing Oil printed bottle as well!

It likely won’t be released in the US due to copyright issues so if you want this one you can grab it from E-bayer, AlphabeautyUK.

DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil is a great formula that whisks away makeup in seconds (with the added benefit of Minnie Mouse packaging yay!). People are always scared of Cleansing Oil…oil? It sounds kinda scary! But no worries it rinses clean away. Just apply it on your dry face, massage, add a drop or two of water and allow it to emulsify (it’ll go milky and break down) and finally rinse it all away! It’ll take your make off easily and won’t leave your face greasy! It removes makeup incredibly well even stubborn waterproof mascara. Some folks prefer following up with a foaming cleanser and you can do if you want but I find cleansing oil removes 99% of my makeup.

The nice part about this DHC Minnie Mouse Deep Cleansing Oil is you can refill it after so you get to keep the cute Minnie packaging! You can try DHC Deep Cleansing Oil easily as it is available on the US site but if you’d like the special Minnie Mouse version you can grab it from E-bay seller AlphabeautyUK.


This product was purchased
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  • 5/8/14 18:08 Katie:

    I picked up the travel sized (I think 70ml) bottle of DHC Deep Cleansing oil with a pic of Minnie on the front the last time I was in Tokyo. Its super cute and perfect for traveling!


  • 5/8/14 20:39 Littlecreek:

    Ok, you got me. I’m buying Daisy and Minnie. My first cleansing oil was the Garnier one and I’m hooked. Can’t wait to try this one. I’m going to end up with a collection.


    • 5/9/14 9:22 Isabella Muse:

      yay! 😀 I’m glad you like the garnier I thought it was great too!


  • 5/9/14 2:18 Trish:

    Aww I really wanted the Daisy duck one but it looks like it’s sold out from alphabeautyuk :(


  • 5/9/14 8:41 Amy:

    Hmm, even though I’m a bigger fan of mini- I think the Daisy design looks much nicer against the colour inside the bottle! The red against the green clashes a bit for me! So excited about Daisy though, will buy to try I think! :)


  • 5/9/14 10:43 Majick:

    I LOVE DHC Cleansing oil. I’ve been using it for many years and I really haven’t found anything like it. Although when I find a FABULOUS product I don’t switch it up much. THis is one of those. (I’ve tried the one from Sheisedo and it’s nice but I think a little more expensive.)

    I would love to have a designer bottle but since I hide mine in the cabinet under the sink anyway…

    Even if you don’t get the designer bottle – TRY THIS OIL – it really is FAB.


  • 5/9/14 13:03 kimkats:

    Crap… Just went to AlphabeautyUK on ebay, and it doesn’t look like they have either Daisy or Minnie left… Poop… I’d loved to have had one or ‘tother…


    • 5/9/14 13:16 Isabella Muse:

      I’m sorry :( my posts sold it out!


  • 5/12/14 15:44 butterdaisy:

    Both are so cute! Wonderful when not only they packaging is cute, but the product inside works as advertised. Loving my Daisy one. I hope they restock so everyone can get a bottle. Muse you made everyone want one. Hee hee!


  • 5/25/14 11:59 Mami:

    any idea where else I could order it? I have searched and cannot find a single website ;(
    There is also a tinker eyelash conditioner that I have no idea where to find.



    • 6/9/14 15:53 Isabella Muse:

      that’s the only place I know of mami!


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