Fortune Cookie Soap Vivid Bar Soap Review

Fortune Cookie Soap Vivid Bar Soap

After trying out Vivid Body Mist I immediately knew I had to get me some other Vivid scented products from Fortune Cookie Soap! I love me some sweet, fruity fragrances and Fortune Cookie Soap Vivid Bar Soap is a big old sweet smelling chunky of glittery soap.

Yeah, it caters to both my need for fruity sweet scents and GLITTER! Glitter in the shower? Bring that on!

Don’t worry, the bar of soap is glittery but it doesn’t transfer to your body!

This big old chunk of pink soap smells exactly like a cold glass of fruit punch. It takes me back to my 5 year old self when that ungodly awesome hour came and everyone sat down for cookies and sugary fruit punch. I don’t have kids but but at 5 years old if they had a teacher serving Hawaiian Punch along with cookies I’d have to send them to another school. What were we all crazy in the 80s!? Giving a five year old fruit punch and cookies? Forget nap time! We must have all been crawling up the walls as children!

At least Fortune Cookie Soap Vivid Bar Soap is completely sugar-free! And you still get glitter and fruit punch, tell me what more could a girl want in the shower? This is a large bar of soap weighting in at 6 oz so it’ll last you for literally ages. I slice it up and take a piece into the shower! It lathers up nicely and leaves skin delicately scented after you bath!

As far as I can see the injection of sugary fruit punch in the shower isn’t making me run in circles and climb walls yet so I’d def call it a sugar-free soap! Wink!

If you love sugary fruity scents I imagine you’ll adore Vivid!

Did I say it had glitter?

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by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 5/2/14 12:40 Shelby:

    omg! its so beautiful!


  • 5/2/14 21:30 Becca:

    That looks delightful. Havent tried much from the brand but I’d love to do a shopping spree… I have tried their body butters and they’re great. Definitely a different texture than your typically heavy, oily butters. I forget what scent I tried but it was green and smelled summery and amazing and isn’t available anymore…

    anyway, yes, hawaiian punch and cookies were given to me in NURSERY SCHOOL everyday. In those little dixie cups. It was insane. Why did everyone do that in the 80s? It is crazy how far we’ve come with food awareness/education, because I don’t think that would be as widely acceptable nowadays.


  • 5/3/14 18:15 Margaret Antill:

    Omg I drooled! The colors. The glitter! I LOVE IT!


    • 5/8/14 16:47 Isabella Muse:
  • 7/24/14 16:39 Sunz:

    Hello, I tried going on the website but it says you need a password? I would love to purchase this soap. Please help me figure out how to get it, thank you.


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