MAC Modern Lure Lipglass Review & Swatches

MAC Lipglass Modern Lure

MAC Modern Lure Lipglass is one of five new, limited edition shades launching with the MAC Alluring Aquatics Summer 2014 Collection.

MAC Modern Lure Lipglass definitely takes on less of a bronze-y look for your Summer look and embraces vampy to the max with this purpley violet shade.

Take a peek!

MAC Modern Lure Lipglass is a ripe blackberry with a lovely pink shimmer. MAC calls it violet but it’s less violet and more crushed, over ripened berry purple in my humblest. This is has elements of vampy and goth to it so if you like a darker lip look you’ll adore it. I admit upon viewing the shade on my lips I thought more Fall than Summer but none the less I love it. I was surprised as I don’t do vampy well but this shades proves wearable.

MAC Modern Lure Lipglass

MAC Modern Lure Lipglass

MAC Modern Lure Lipglass swatches

MAC Modern Lure Lipglass Swatches

On first application it isn’t quite opaque so it does need a bit of layering for the best color pay off. It has has a tendency to fall into the natural lines of my lips, not good, but with two to three layers in place I find the color is more even and smooth with less patchiness. It’s pretty opaque on two applications but you might just want to be a rebel and tip into a third layer for even more pop (I’m wearing two below).

As you can see it sports the rather nifty packaging that MAC went with for this collection. It looks like my tube of gloss took a divine into the ocean or pool as it has a raised, 3D water droplet effect on the top. It’s a textured water drop effect and quite nifty packaging in my opinion!

Sure, it’s not really your traditional Summer shade but it is gorgeous none the less and quite wearable in my humblest. So if you’re going a bit darker and vampy with your Summer looks I think MAC Modern Lure will be a perfect shade to add to your Summer lipgloss wardrobe.

MAC Modern Lure Lipglass fotd

Loves this one.

Muse Approved.


What did you haul so far from the MAC Alluring Aquatics Collection if anything?

Do share!

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  • 5/20/14 18:44 Phyrra:

    The packaging is so fantastic with this collection


  • 5/20/14 21:04 Icequeen81:

    Pretty shade


  • 5/20/14 23:32 cat:

    I’m glad this is kind of a go-ahead to wear dark lippies in summer. I probably won’t but it’s nice to know MAC approves. :)


  • 5/21/14 2:08 Hanna:

    Since I’m pretty goths everyday, this is actually a great summer look for me.
    Since I always go dark I tend to switch to glossy and dewy in the summer instead of matte.

    This color is amazing, must go find it tomorrow!!!


    • 5/21/14 10:02 Isabella Muse:

      oh hanna if you go goth everyday you’ll ADORE this color 😀 let me know what you think if you try!


  • 5/21/14 2:12 Valerie M.:

    I really love this lipglass and a few others. Definitely will be picking up at least one of two of these 😀


  • 5/21/14 4:56 butterdaisy:

    Oh wow! The lashes, the gloss…. You go girl! Love it! Very pretty Muse. I received all my Alluring Aquatics purchases the very next day after ordering Thursday morning with the overnite code and I am still very pleased with them. I polished my nails with Submerged and I can’t stop looking at them. The duochrome is fabulous. The wear of the polish and shadows are something new to me bc I’ve never had eyeshadow wear “forever” on me and my polish looks like I just painted them and I only used the same Sally Hansen topcoat I use with all my other polishes. I also can’t believe how non-drying Goddess of the Sea is. Yes, this collection was indeed made for me. LOL!!


    • 5/21/14 13:19 Isabella Muse:

      oh you’re too kind misses 😀 thanks!!!!!!!!!!! OOO I LOVED submerged! Great shade 😀 I really adored the collection too, mac did well this time around right now to the awesome packaging! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your goodies 😀


  • 5/21/14 8:48 kellly:

    oooh! pretty!
    My wallet may not be ready for this but I plan on doing a haul of Alluring Aquatics right after work on Friday!


    • 5/21/14 9:08 Isabella Muse:

      yay! 😀 Happy hauling!


  • 5/21/14 17:55 Angel:

    This is really pretty! Muse, do you think this pulls brown in anyway? Like, I can’t wear clinique Black Honey as it turns too brown on me. But maybe if I just wore one sheer layer this would work. God, I want it just for the packaging LOL! Glad to have you back! Xoxo


    • 5/22/14 14:39 Isabella Muse:

      hi angel not really! All purple…black honey turns a bit brown on me too but this is def more purple no brown :) I LOVED the packaging too! glad to be back my dear! Missed ya all so much!


      • 5/22/14 17:30 Angel:

        Excellent, thanks Musie!


        • 6/9/14 16:17 Isabella Muse:

          np! :)


  • 5/22/14 10:18 Guindyloo:

    I previously ordered Siren Song lipstick (because it was the last colour left) It actually does a good job of completely blocking out my natural lipshade and blends in with my face, with added shimmer. I kind of dig the look, but it certainly won’t be an every day kind of shade. Mystical was the one I really wanted, but no such luck. :(
    I got Submerged but haven’t actually put it on my nails yet, but probably will go for it this weekend when it’s time to change out my polish because it’s so gorgeous!
    I also got Seducing Sound lipglass, but I think it pulls a little too brown for my skintone….so then I ordered Clear Water and Modern Lure from Nordstrom.
    I’m IN LOVE with the eyeshadows – I got Soul Serenade and Silver Sun….I might go to my local Mac store after work today to see if they still have any other shades…but I’m not sure that I can stand further heartbreak if they’re sold out by the time I’ve left the office. :p


    • 5/22/14 10:23 Isabella Muse:

      awww have no fear nordstrom has much in stock still last time I looked Guindy! I tried Siren Song was hoping it would work for me but unfortunately was too zombie lips on me! I wanted more pieces but I went on vacation and just completely missed the boat on this collection so def need to get to mac before it all disappears!!!!!


      • 5/22/14 10:44 Guindyloo:

        Nordstrom tells me the eyeshadows are “currently unavailable” and Mystical went out of stock right before my very eyes while I was trying to order it the other day. :(


        • 5/22/14 11:13 Isabella Muse:

          oh hell! and I was just browsing them like a day ago not even! I’m sorry! :(


          • 5/22/14 11:56 Guindyloo:

            I’ll hop by Mac this afternoon. If they’re gone then maybe it’s just not meant to be :( I would really love to get my hands on the full set of shadows though!

          • 5/22/14 13:06 Isabella Muse:

            good luck chica! 😀

          • 5/22/14 16:11 Guindyloo:

            Sooooo, my manager needed to swing by the mall mid-day so I went with her and got to Mac and was able to get Sea Worship and Lorelei AND Mystical! They were already out of Fathoms Deep but they didn’t have Legendary Lure in just yet, so I still have some hope that I might be able to get my hands on that one!

          • 5/22/14 16:50 Isabella Muse:

            oh yay! that’s promising good luck my dear!

  • 5/22/14 14:49 Kayla:

    I love this shade! I almost purchased it, but I was also purchasing Goddess of the Sea, so I didn’t want to leave with two purple shades. Instead, I purchased the lipglass in Clear Water because it’s much more unique! That multidimensional pearl is TO DIE FOR!

    In terms of the collection as a whole, I am a fan of the darker shades, however many of them were unwearable for me.. I’m very fair and most of the lipsticks washed me out/looked too mature on me, the blushes were nothing special, and I didn’t need a bronzer because I just bought the Maleficent Sculpting powder that I adore.

    I’m so disappointed in Siren Song, Pet Me, Please, and Enchanted One! :( Goddess of the Sea really surprised me, because its more of a true purple with a mauve-ish undertone that makes it very wearable. Usually purples turn into berry shades on the lips!


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