Philosophy Introduces Fresh Cream EDT

Philosophy Fresh Cream EDT

I love you loved Philosophy Fresh Cream Shower Gel you just might be excited about the new Philosophy Fresh Cream Perfume that’s been introduced for Fall 2014.

I should say that Fresh Cream Shower Gel never really smelled like Fresh Cream to me….! It was an odd almost subtly floral fragrance! I do hope they capture some of the foody element in this new Fresh Cream EDT and it sounds like it might since the notes contains hints of vanilla!

The new Philosophy Fresh Cream Eau de Toilette is a described as a delicate creamy scent with layers of etherial cream mixed with a hint of sweetness and vanilla!

Philosophy calls it sweet, delightful, and delicious!

The only thing that entered my head was “please make it be as awesome as Stila Creme Bouquet, please make it as awesome as Stila Creme Bouquet!”

What are the chances?!

Available now at Sephora and


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  • 6/30/14 11:48 Ryou:

    Musey, just letting you know that you put this under the Stila tag instead of Philosophy. :)


    • 7/1/14 14:11 Isabella Muse:

      duh ryou :) my head was on creme bouquet!


      • 7/3/14 8:24 Ryou:

        I don’t blame you, Creme Bouquet is quite awesome. 😛


        • 7/7/14 11:07 Isabella Muse:

          isn’t it!? 😀


  • 6/30/14 15:18 diane:

    I got this in a set w/the fresh cream shower gel and lotion for Christmas from QVC. This scent was weird to be- in the beginning it was amazing- smelled delicious, like vanilla cake kind of but even better. I was spraying it everywhere and anywhere. As I went through the bottle though I noticed the smell changing and mid way to the end it started smelling like burnt toast- not so yummy. =( I hope they fixed that issue for the Sephora release!


    • 6/30/14 15:42 Isabella Muse:

      i had this issue d but different from what you experienced, it was more floral-ish and than it went kinda soapy smelling…not really vanilla or cakey which is what I expected for some reason!?


      • 6/30/14 20:11 Diane:

        Hmmmm soapy? That sounds better than burnt toast. The lotion got weird on me too!! I usually like philosophys scents


        • 7/1/14 11:43 Isabella Muse:

          I can’t say I got burnt toast lol! maybe I need to resniff!


  • 6/30/14 15:31 Megan:

    Oh my godddddd! I am so excited for this! This has been one of my favorite scents they’ve put out in recent years, and now I can reek of it even more!


  • 6/30/14 21:57 stef b:

    to me it smells like honey and marshmallow


  • 6/30/14 23:09 Melissa:

    I have the Fresh Cream spritz. It’s sweet, but not like the body butter in the same scent, which is what I was hoping for. I need to wear it more before I decide.


  • 7/1/14 14:09 Nicole:

    Fresh Cream by Philosophy, where to begin… I bought this as soon as the 2oz bottle became available on QVC. I think this is a wonderful fragrance! To me it smells like very cold whipping cream from the refrigerator with the sugar mixed in to sweeten it then a few drops of pure vanilla just for comfort. This such a light and airy scent though. It is almost what makes it so hard to convey in words. There also is what seems to be maybe a drop of citrus (my guess is manderine, but that is a guess) that is not noticeable in a note type of way, it is like it is there just to make the fragrance bright and not heavy. It is wonderful on alone and I have layered with other perfumes too. It is a great way to tweak a perfume to be a bit more creamy.
    The lasting power for me on this fragrance is about 6 hours or so, but I would say by hour 6 it is close to the skin on me.
    I actually blind bought this and I have not one regret. This fragrance is a year-round fragrance for me.


    • 7/1/14 15:31 Isabella Muse:

      it sounds lovely!!!!!


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