Sephora Look Smart Travel Eye Brush Set Review

Sephora Look Smart Travel Eye Brush Kit

Call me silly but this Sephora Look Smart Travel Eye Brush Set is freaking adorable and completely awesome. It’s a tiny little snap to close bag that contains five small brush heads and a wand!

It’s tiny, travel friendly, takes no space in your bag, and perfect for quickie eye makeup application!

Ok, so I admit, the Sephora Look Smart Travel Eye Brush Set is a little pricey at $18 but I think I’ll get a TON of use out of it. I’m that girl who will literally pack 25 brushes for a weekend getaway! Why can I never decide on a few brushes?!

This cute little travel set takes care of my issues because it has every brush I’ll need to create a basic eye look and TAKES NO SPACE in my makeup bag or train case!

You get:

  • Concealer Brush Head
  • Angled Liner Brush Head
  • Pointed Liner Brush Head
  • Shadow Brush Head
  • Crease Brush Head

Sephora Look Smart Travel Eye Brush Set

Sephora Look Smart Travel Eye Brush Set6

Sephora Look Smart Travel Eye Brush Set7

The pouch is about the size of a lipstick or gloss and folds out to reveal five brush heads and a single brush wand. Each brush head snaps on and off the wand to create a travel size brush for application. Nifty right?! The brush bristles are soft and shed free and although small they still manage to create perfect, basic eye looks! You pretty much have all the essentials you need her to apply shadow, blend it, and line plus some extras as well!

Sephora Look Smart Travel Eye Brush Set2

Sephora Look Smart Travel Eye Brush Set3

SephoraTravel Eye Brush Set

I thought it was a little pricey at $18 bucks but I have this feeling I’ll make a ton of use out of this little handy helper! In the Fall I spend weekends at my best friend’s apartment and this is a nice travel set to bring along with me without traveling with an arsenal of brushes that I likely won’t need! It’s also great for weekend trips away or when you just want to pack super light or even for touch ups!

The Sephora Look Smart Travel Eye Brush Set is available now at Sephora and


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  • 6/6/14 12:59 Gillie:

    That’s genius!


    • 6/6/14 13:43 Isabella Muse:



  • 6/6/14 13:52 Nesita:

    That’s just too cute! And the brushes seem actually useful unlike the ones you get in many travel kits.


  • 6/6/14 14:07 Maria:

    Very cute. If you are looking for small eye brush kit for 8 dollars, Eco tools has a nice brush kit in zippered case in drugstores or Ulta. I have the set and it is worth it. It is very similar.


    • 6/6/14 14:12 Isabella Muse:

      oh thanks Maria 😀


  • 6/6/14 15:32 Libby:

    This is absolutely adorable!! I’ve got a few of the small Ecotools sets but this is MUCH smaller than that and let’s be real here, anything mini-sized is cute and a must have T___T I have a huge order to make from Sephora now that I’m back from Asia….

    Thanks for the review on this one, Muse 😉


    • 6/9/14 11:08 Isabella Muse:

      aw my pleasure :) I have to check out that ecotools set! I agree smaller=cute and must have hehe! My pleasure :)


  • 6/6/14 17:43 Dee:

    Super cute. Muse, I completely adore the double ended brushes that I got from bhcosmetics as well. Got it for a pittance – so affordable to start with , but I got it at some even more ridiculously low price when it was on sale!


    • 6/9/14 11:07 Isabella Muse:

      oh cute! thanks for sharing dee! :)


  • 6/7/14 8:00 rose:

    I second the ecotools version- which also just fits one of the BE mini foundation brushes that can be used for powder and blushes if space is limited


  • 6/18/15 0:19 Tierra:

    What material is the fur?


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